Monday, November 25, 2013

Security Experts: Michael Hastings Car Was Hacked! Which Means He Was Murdered!

This means the FBI directly lied on the full report.
This also means that the Police Department directly lied to his wife (caught on video)

It's not hard to tell that when a car INSTANTLY catches fire that there is some tampering involved.

It was direct intimidation to private reporters.

"DoT working with automakers for improved security" is government speak for "creating even more back doors for even better hacking." We know this because everything that is emitted by government personnel or agencies is a lie. For example, look at the titles of these programs: Patriot act (the most unpatriotic legislation ever), Affordable care act (double the premiums and deductibles), need we review more?kind of reminds you of the doublespeak in George Orwell's 1984, e.g., Ministry of Peace (in charge of war), Ministry of love, (charge of torture and interrogation), doesn't it? But would we expect any less from the drone-king POTUS that won the "Nobel Peace Prize?" Yes, the same Pres that thinks "Raising the debt ceiling has nothing to do with i

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