Our government has been spying on us for decades, it started before most of us were born. Technology has just made it easier and more efficient.Secrecy is the 'elite' trying to hide the genocide of millions they have committed over the past few decades, with the body count poised to go into the billions this century. All wars are instigated by them for gain of power and money.
Justification through Nullification!
It's now time for we the people to rise up and take our country back. Refuse to comply with demands for private/personal information by the Govt., especially, the Federal Govt.. Make them hire a process server to contact you regarding compliance, drag your feet concerning ALL Govt. agenda, plead 'Not Guilty' whenever you're ticketed, scream and bitch at your legislators, relentlessly. Stop voting for Democrats and Republicans. Vote Libertarian and or Independent. Throw all Incumbants out of office.

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