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Glenn Beck Says US Economy Will Collapse And Become 3rd World Country!

Glenn Beck is well meaning but he is incorrect in many of his views. first of all states do not matter any more. The FED and the related structures have more power than the so called US Government. The current real power structure staunchly denies its own existence. it is like a colorless, tasteless odorless poison dissolved in water ( that is western nation states).
We aren't going to go like Rome. We don't have barbarian armies at the gates that can create massive roaming armies that can completely overwhelm Americans. Nor do we have states that want to break away from the union. You go to any place in America and everyone will call themselves Americans. This is the STRENGTH of our national identity. No one has the power to screw with our boarders. No foreign nation has the power to MAKE us pay our debt. The players in the US are the gov and the people.
Besides 75% of the US debt of 60 TRILLION is owned by Americans. So Americans either getting pissed because the dollar's value plummets as the government prints or pissed because their bond/stocks/savings accounts drop in value/are seized is a bigger threat. 75% of the problem is Americans against Americans. Which in a way is worse than having foreign debt because those who will lose out financially are you or your neighbor. Your neighbor's rioting is going to affect you more than China's anger.

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