Comet ISON has now reached its closest point to the Sun. The Distance should start to increase again and the speed start falling.

Hopefully, Comet ISON will have survived this close brush with the Sun so we'll be able to see it in all its glory throughout December as it heads up and over Earth at a distance of 40,000,000 miles. Thanks for your support and stay tuned.

Despite there being hope for Comet ISON, it disappeared behind the Sun never to emerge again. Comet ISON has been destroyed by the intense heat and activity of our star, the Sun. Thanks for being a visitor to, Best regards, Nick.

Accurate Data: As today is the day of ISON's perihelion, we've updated and narrowed the data resolution down to just 10-minute intervals! This means that all throughout today, you can be assured to see the most accurate speed and distance data of Comet ISON (both before and after perihelion at 18:37 UTC).

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