Police in the Ukrainian capital cleared the landmark Independence Square of pro-EU demonstrators on Saturday morning. Reportedly, police used tear gas and clubs, while protesters threw stones at law enforcement .The president of Ukraine will be successful. EU and US will continue to medel in Ukranian affairs but will not be successful. There is actually little chance of EU success. As Putin aligns leaders of the Middle East, the ripple effect will spread out. Turkey, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt are all forming.

Remember, the protests in Ukraine are CIA inspired. This is CIA and Saudi that are mainly responsible. I'm certain Putin knows that and the Saudi is going to pay. Because of all the success's of Putin, we are seeing the globalists try to fight back with their last breaths.


  1. I'm sorry mate, but this is complete BS! I guess the protests in Bulgaria are CIA sponsored too? Nope! People in these countries just want to get away from Russian dependence once and for all and EU is the only way to go. People in Ukraine know that they are being thrown back into the arms of a soviet style oligarchy, mafia, lawlessness and poverty, things that all countries from the former eastern block have been trying desperately to get away from for the past 20+ years...

    1. WHY ?EU is not a maffia?
      If they went to Eu that would be the biggest mistake...

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