Bitcoin Just Another Financial Prison – By Jason Liosatos

Humanity is trapped in a financial prison and Bitcoin is just another financial prison, but a more modern one. Of course it is very understandable that the desperate human prisoners are becoming excited at the prospect of an escape from the current, brutal financial prison they are trapped in, but what we are seeing is simply a shift from one financial prison to the another.
Bitcoin is just another currency which will perpetuate our present system which is based on short term greed, and underpinned by fear. A system which is destroying humanity at an incredible pace. Our financial system (Bitcoin included) exacerbates and stimulates peoples weaknesses, and disconnects people from their ethical and moral built in alarm bells, which should alert us to what is right or wrong. Money separates the consumer from the consumed, whether it is in Gold, Cash, Bonds or Bitcoin and the quicker we realize the danger we are in the quicker we can stop gullibly falling into the hands of the next currency which promises to save us. We will be saved when we can get off this financial ship which is destined to sink.

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