Walmart Threatens to Put Man in NO Buy/NO Sell Database! 10-29-13

Do you shop Walmart (Chinamart)? It's way past time to STOP supporting companies like this with your MONEY!! It's the only way to fight back against this CORRUPT SYSTEM!! VOTE WITH YOUR PAYCHECK AND YOUR FEET!
This is the beginning of "The Mark Of The Beast" friends.


  1. If Walmart records on camera your every move then they should have you sliding your credit card on film. The doors can be activated by your receipt or credit card record in their system. If they are selectively harassing people then that's not good. Time for the customers to shut down the operation. Time to patronize the competition.

  2. I have heard many times how easy it is to shoot yourself in the foot. Walmart does this continually and then wonders why their sales go down. Are they serious. I have learned how great it is to shop at Aldis they are helpful, fast and cheerful. They have very good food and can beat out Walmart's prices on everything. I dont know how they do it for Walmart advertises the best prices all the time and can buy in huge quantities but Aldis beats them and not by pennies either. Butter lettuce 1.99 at Aldis 2.49 same brand in a see through plastic box with a blue sealing tap. That is just one item there are many many more big bargains. Check it out.


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