Thursday, October 31, 2013

MAX IGAN - Revolutionary Times - October, 2013

The money is NOT inflating ,In reality its deflating .Banks first steal principal in any loan then again after the SECONDARY issuance by charged interest all of which depletes circulation that only ever consists of SOME principal depleting circulation at a greater rate than any national debt injection.Interest charged causes price inflation ON A WHOLE, BUT the circulation depletes faster than any national debt injection evident by INCREASING national debt, sales of public assets ,NEW tax's etc this is why there is never enough money in circulation. Sure interest is never created but there is more to it.The first crime against us is the theft of principal on conception,the TRUE creditor gets paid in full by the outset of obligors promissory obligation.So there is SOME principal in circulation BUT the obligors falsified debt payments to the bank depletes the principal circulation that was paid to the TRUE creditor & the interest depletes circulation even faster

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