Monday, October 28, 2013

Is Alex Jones an undercover Swiss Templar Agent ?

Who is Alex Jones really? Infowars their Swiss Bank Octogon Knights Templars Rotary Freemason Logo

OCTOGON AND THE SWISS NAZI TEMPLARS OF THE PHARISTOCRACY RULE THE WORLD, OWN THE US THROUGH THE BIS, AND THEY INFILTRATE EVERYTHING BEFORE TAKING OVER CONTROL - THIS THING GOES REAL DEEP. Apparently AJ is Bill Hicks, and apparently before that he was Alexander Christian Lafayette and a member of the Pharistocracy rumours say; these Pharaohs always change their names just like that, like "french" president Nicholas Sarkozy officially changed his name into Nico Sarcosi, when he was living in Corsica and had two children there with a corsican woman.

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