Putin Replaces Obama in World Leadership Role - War IsCrime Article by Paul Craig Roberts

One writer often strikes a chord with me and that's Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary
Today's article is about Obama's recent propaganda speech in which he says Americans are exceptional for invading 8 countries in the past 12 years
Nobody could like this, except Adolf Hitler
Hitler murdered Jews and today, the Jews are the Nazis
How do you like that? And the USA is the best friend of the Nazis who want to murder Syrians and all other Muslims
Some of us like the Jews, but we feel that this is wrong
I do not tolerate anyone who comes to my channel and defames Jews with lies, but if it's the truth, it stays, even if it offends my favorite people, the Jews
Jews must also stand up for what's right and if Hitler was truly wrong, then those Jews today who are Nazis, must realize that they have become their own worst enemy
Who benefits, when you guys help the Nazis take over the world? You? When you install one dictator, he will be no more merciful toward Jews, than Adolf Hitler was
Jews are very smart and I can't understand their thinking
Mossad is a terrorist group, just the CIA and two wrongs don't make it right
All common people must be united against the dictators of the world
Putin takes the moral high ground here, but he is certainly no saint and he doesn't go to church on Sundays, but he has no problem invoking God, in his rebuke to Obama, by saying that 'God created us all equal'
Are we all supposed to see Putin as our leader? Defender of weak and feeble minded?
If you believe any so-called 'leader' you are feeble-minded! A fluoride head!
All leaders today are tyrants and must be removed
The largest countries must be broken down into smaller nations so that nobody has much power and then we can enjoy peace and prosperity, finally

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