People’s Inner Voice of Morality is Awakening as WW3 Becomes a Possibility – By Jason Liosatos

Our feelings are the most trustworthy guides we have.

We all possess an ethical and moral alarm bell, a barometer which let’s us know when something is right or wrong, helping us to intrinsically feel and sense it, and as a real possibility of WW3 now looms large, people everywhere are finally feeling, and realizing, that the US Government really are on an insane trajectory for world dominance which is now a very serious threat to humanity, not only in the Middle East, but globally, as our elected leaders look more and more like psychotic mental patients, megalomaniacs, and very dangerous sociopaths, as they frantically drag humanity towards the edge  of chaos. We are hearing them saying there will be a ‘tailored’ and ‘surgical’ strike on Syria, as though it is some kind of quick and easy adjustment to a garment, or a simple surgical removal of a wart or pimple with no consequences or repercussions. It is becoming obvious now that the US and other governments are seriously psychopathic, and a terrible threat to humanity, as their words and actions prove to us daily.

There is a beautiful system inbuilt in us, which tells us when we are in danger, and when there is a real threat to our well being. It is one of the many miraculous systems within us which creates a feeling, and that feeling is our answer. This is our ethical barometer and alarm bell which warns us, that our thoughts, words, behavior, choices, actions, or someone else’s, are not right, personally and globally. Whether we are saying hello to someone pleasantly or unpleasantly outside the post office, or planning to bomb another country.

We are born with this gift, it is no accident. Without it we would have destroyed ourselves long ago. It is like a moral and ethical compass which guides us and keeps pulling us back on course if and when we deviate from the path of truth and right action. It guides us in our every interaction with ourselves, other people, all other life forms, and the planet itself.

Our feelings are beautiful things that enable us to feel so many things, like deep love, beauty, joy, happiness, and an appreciation of the things all around us, a green field, a tree, the uplifting smell of grass, a river, the sun on our faces, the wind in our hair, the rain on our heads. Of course it can also let us feel the not so lovely things and is an early warning signal for danger around us, it is quite amazing.

This gift of deep knowing always tells the truth, but one of the biggest problems and threats facing us as humanity at the moment is that this miraculous truth telling gift is becoming more and more choked off, and its voice is getting fainter and fainter, as our ears are becoming more convinced by the lies we see and hear around us. It is as though our ethical and moral alarm bell has been disconnected. It is always present and working but the more we ignore it and turn a blind eye to it, then the less we care, the more danger we are in – Jason Liosatos

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