GLENN BECK ~ Rants Against Obama's 'Transformation' of America: 'We're Literally Living in 1984′

9/23/13 - During a moving speech at the memorial for the Washington Navy Yard shooting victims, President Obama called for a "transformation" of the nation in response to the latest senseless act of gun violence. This set off Glenn Beck, who delivered a fiery rant against the progressive transformation of America he believes is already in place.

Beck declared, "Now they no longer care what you even say. Common sense is completely dead." He railed against the changes in education, going off on how 2+2=5 isn't considered a completely wrong answer as long as the student had a good reason for arriving there. He said, "We are literally living in 1984."

Beck ran down the list of what is already under progressive control, from the banks to the health care industry. Beck also lamented, "Even your friends at Fox won't release the names of the Republicans that tried to throw Ted Cruz under the bus."

He tore into Obama specifically for exploiting crises like the Navy Yard shooting to push for a transformation of gun laws, as well using propaganda and ginning up war to win over the public.

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  1. We need more real problem solving like more Race Stuff in America, forget this phantom Terrorist nonsense


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