ECONOMIC COLLAPSE ~ Exploding Global Debt Hyperinflation Means You MUST Own Gold & Silver. By Gregory Mannarino

This assessment fails to account or address the large international demand for the dollar generated by petrodollar monopolies. It's essentially the same scam the money changers used in 30 AD with the half-shekel, only this time they're selling oil instead of eternal salvation, and the marketplace is global. Obfuscate that with a fractional reserve system, and you have the largest financial scam ever conducted in the history of man.

"There is a reason why every fiat currency in the history of the world has eventually failed."Capital gains, rather than a product or service, mixed with fiat currency = a deliberate economic collapse. How much of this countris finances are based on offering a product or service? NONE, it is to the point now that industry does not source out work, China comes to American industries and sells them their work, which American indistries simple resell for profit. This country has deliberatley been set up for failure. We are and have been marks in the game.Amerika circa 2013 = Weimar circa 1928.

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