Predictions Special 2013 With Astrologer Linda Schurman

Predictions Special 2013 Jan 2013 With Astrologer Linda Schurman 

astrologer Linda Schurman presented her predictions for the economy, weather, and politics. She cited a Pluto/Uranus square between now and 2016 that signals a clash between entrenched interests such as giant banks, and dis-empowered citizens. For 2013, she foresees more scandals and misdeeds revealed about the banking industry, and gold & silver remaining a good investment due to uncertainties about currency. A war in Iran could break out in the spring, possibly tied to an eclipse there in late April, and a quake/tsunami incident on the level of Fukushima could also happen during this time frame, she predicted. This summer, instead of drought in the US, she sees a lot of flooding occurring.


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