Is Money Destroying Us, Or Is It Us The People Who Use It, Or Both? – By Jason Liosatos

Money Destroying Us‘When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money’.

It is very hard to argue against the fact that money is destroying us individually, both physically, mentally, spiritually, and as a collective as humanity, and it is also killing the planet. Though most people in the higher echelons of income, business and finance may not agree, because generally the more money people make the less concerned they are about those who have less, and this pyramid of wealth is very interesting.

We could argue that it is not the money, or the form of currency that is the problem, but rather the ethical compromises of the people using it, which is true in one sense, but unfortunately the currency exacerbates that moral weakness in people, so of course the problem lies in both the people and the currency used. If we could become ethically and morally pristine in our thoughts and actions, then of course we could use any currency responsibly. But that is not to say that the currency, and the system that is built upon it, would not still keep people in a prison of debt and a lifetime of work.

Whichever way we look at it we are witnessing the most unbelievable collapse of humanity and ecology mainly due to money, and it is incredible how much people will compromise ethically for money. Many people would kill someone for $100 or even $1, and some people would destroy a whole community, city or country for $1 million, and some people would happily destroy humanity if it meant them being able to live a rich and  opulent life, and have not a care for those people to come in their footsteps.

If we were to try and describe our system to a higher race of beings on another planet living in peace and harmony without money, then they would be shocked and horrified at what is happening on this planet, and how most people are suffering at the hands of the controlling financial clique who are literally holding humanity hostage via a virtual hangman’s noose of fear, debt and control. The asylum system we are living within will only loosen its psychotic grip on us when we find the courage to see it as such, because as Gurdjieff so rightly said “If you want to escape from prison you must first recognize you are in it, or no escape is possible”. Our denial is what perpetuates and exacerbates the problem.

Thanks goodness, at last, the noose of debt and fear has tightened so much around humanities neck that it is ironically, forcing us to struggle free from it, that struggle and escape is becoming a necessity if we are to survive. It is literally a matter of life or death not only psychologically, physically and spiritually as individuals, but as a species. – Jason Liosatos

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