Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "A Racist Nation!?" - (8/28/13)

What real "music" is like, why America's NOT a racist nation & keep an eye out this Labor Day weekend!"

Economy inches closer to collapse as attack on Syria looms on the horizon! John Kerry spews forth more of his Warmonger rhetoric today. "Our high confidence assessment is the strongest position that the US Intelligence Community can take short of confirmation." Since it is not confirmed there are no grounds for any attack! Kerry is a Warmongering fool! He talks crap at the expense of the Tax Payer and the Soldier who would be at risk of DEATH! Somebody kick his assessment please! Throw out this useless Congress and sentence all politicians to prison for Treason, (assisting the enemies of the USA), Crimes against Humanity (Murder of innocent civilians during Drone strikes against "Suspected" AQ and affiliates!) This country has lost it's "Core Values" and it's Moral Fortitude!

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