FEMA CAMPS 2013 ~ Be Prepared or Perish !

The American response and misuse of the 911 attacks is both a joke and a crime. The government is using the tragedy against the American people. The fact is 911 was Bin Laden's strategic blunder. It never had even a snowballs chance in hell of bringing down the U.S. government. The stock markets were up and running within a week. Events that have occurred in the living memory of many people dwarf 911. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki . The fire bombing of Tokyo killed 100,000 people. The Japanese bombing and subsequent occupation of Nanking cost 300,000 Chinese lives. Likewise in Shanghai and other Chinese cities. The Japanese were within about 6 weeks of using weaponized boubonic plague on the U.S. The bombing of London by the Germans killed 40,000 people. The German siege of Stalingrad cost 1,000,000 lives. The allied bombings of German cities cost more than 1,000,000 civilian deaths. At Dresden nearly 3000 allied planes dropped some 14,000 tons of bombs and napalm on the city killing 70,000 people. The death toll in WW2 has been estimated at 50,000,000 and the vast majority were civilians. The Indonesian tsunami death toll was in the hundred s of thousands. The Japanese tsunami may have killed 10,000 people and left a pile of smoldering radio active garbage to kill many more. The current Mexican drug wars have claimed as many Mexican lives as the American death toll of the Korean war. The current civil war in Syria is rapidly approaching a death toll that will equal American deaths in WW1. All these combined perhaps come close to the death toll in the concentration camps and gulags of various incarnations of socialism in the 20th century. The greater tragedy of 911 is the way this government is using it to tighten the screws on the victims and create as much fear and paranoia as they can while using it as an excuse to intervene all over the world in conflicts that have nothing to do with 911. It is an excuse to bring on America's version of Mao's the cultural revolution

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