Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Black Panther Party calls for Killing All Whites and their Children !!!

According to a recent post on Sodahead, leader Samir Shabazz and the New Black Panthers are preparing to take the fight directly to those guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin -- white people living in suburbs all over America. "This time we're doing it right... This time we're not burning down our communities. This time we're going out to Whitey's suburbs and burning down HIS community. We're going to make Whitey feel the pain."


  1. Smelling like a play to put troops on the street

  2. Oh Brother, this guys a MORON!!! Can you say "False Flag"?

  3. they need to put this clip on the 6 o'clock news

  4. Lol the problem with that is that most white people have guns good luck.

  5. Wait, I am confused. How is an entire third party race responsible for a panicky altercation/attack between two men who happen to be from two other different races who have been turned into propaganda? The jury was all mixed ethnicities of women and yet they did not threaten to burn down our powder rooms? And how successful do they think this will be in a society where everyone is broke, self-centered and apathetic at best? If cities burn all will know it's a concerted military effort. The most we can do is start a war on Reddit between stick chewers and bubble gum blowers. Over it before it never happened.

  6. I didn't know that one Latina on the Zimmerman Jury with 5 White Women, no Men, and No Blacks is considered "Diversity?" LMAO. This is the kind of Oblivious attitude especially from the White People that's going to allow Minority anger to fester, and America will turn into a Racial Bloodbath like Rwanda.

    Yeah, Whites have guns. A Bunch of Registered Guns that are easy for the Government to take away. Blacks have tons of guns, but they are off the Grid

    Will YOU PEOPLE (I love saying that), stop calling these assholes "Black Panthers?" The Black Panthers were an ANTI RACIST community organization who worked with other Races to provide self defense from the oppressive powers that be. But that's right, us Coons aren't entitled to defend ourselves as men, and we should accept the fact that Racist Whites, Immigrants (like Zimmerman), and their Global Elitist power structure can do whatever they want to us Blacks and get away with it- like not putting Blacks on a Jury in reference to a Murder of a Black Man, and then calling the jury fair and diverse, because of the presence of one Latina.

    Until the Libertarians, the "Patriots," the Truthers drop these beliefs your movement will fail, and it will continue to be seen as a Movement of Angry Whites scared of inevitable change within a Browning America= the same as the New Black Panthers.

    Another Reason why it's dangerous to call these people "Black Panthers" is because many young Blacks idolize the Black Panthers. Very soon there will be no more Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, NAACP, etc... This a dangerous cocktail as this younger Generation (Gen Y) ages 19-35 are unlike their parents the Baby Boomers and their cousins the Generation X don't believe in working within the system, as we have seen the abysmal failure working within the system is for example: in 1963 18% of the Prison population was Black, today it's 56%= THINGS HAVE GOTTEN WORSE!!!

    Yesterday's Black Leaders like Sharpton, Jackson, etc.. are in the process of being replaced by the "Let's work within the system leaders" from Generation X like: Obama, Booker, Kamala, Harold Ford Jr., etc...

    And then they fail and they will......

    Us young Generation Y people see the entire system as a FAIL, and slowly but surely are seeing what I'm seeing= THE SYSTEM MUST BE DESTROYED AND REPLACED WITH AN ENTIRE NEW SYSTEM!!

    Also, us young people have the predisposition towards extremes and extremists. The New Black Panther Party are some of these Extremists.

    The Libertarian, Truther, and Conservative White Opinion after this Trayvon thing now has me convinced that America MUST be destroyed, and replaced with a New Order. The leadership of this country from the New Black Panthers to the White House to the Small business Owner, to the Cop, to the One Percenter, to the Truther is reflective of it's people: Racist, self serving, decadent, Imperialist, Immoral, and Corrupt.

    God's 1000 year One World Government Spoken about in Revelation is Humanity's long hope. Too bad even the so called American Christian rebels against God and trusts Earthly leaders and institutions- TO YOUR PERIL!!

    - The Black Man

    1. I think we should stop oppressing one another to feed an detrimental superego and call BS on the hate-mongering. Rage perpetuates.

    2. Oh yeah and we're all mixed in this country. I've never met anyone so thoroughbred they didn't sport nostrils, so we gotta get over this skin thing. The dinosaurs did. I'm sorry but CNN is mostly green screen and groomed talent they scout for. I cannot say with any accuracy these people are real but I know the problem is. It starts with us and violence is never ever the answer. A system overhaul for sure.

    3. This rhetoric is archaic and inhuman. I refuse to be pitted up against someone I do not know by some talking heads and special interests with solutions of destruction. I'm going to set the example by making friends and being unafraid and calling on a support system. If we knew each other in all our neighborhoods, perhaps this would not happen. Cut down on the paranoia. Stop the profiling. Maybe not put troops on the ground with sniping abilities far beyond that of any street shooter to inhibit the alliance of a class. Eyes on the prize and that's building a community that surmounts these evils.

    4. Um, I'm German. And there is nothing worse than being called a Nazi and experiencing a hate crime because some Austrian guy who couldn't draw was made a patsy almost 70 years ago for mind control experimentation. And if you're female, you will experience oppression and a weird sort of forgiveness all your life. I live in an urban area with blacks, Latinos, Pols, Paki Muslims, and a bunch of people who have no real ethnic identity. Just names. And you know what? Our problem is the same: A narcissistic, wiry guy who comes in 31 flavors from out of town burglarizing cars and a police force which has a tribunal and only targets the side of town that makes under $17K a year. We are divided by a highway as we are riff-raff AND you cannot appeal the ordinances in this tribunal. AND we do not make enough to move. AND we are all this mottled bunch that gets smirked at and sucked dry while the force buys new chargers to oppress us with. One woman's son was dead and still getting vehicle sticker tickets. I know it's not murder and mayhem, but taking away someone's ability to feed their family is war. One day I hope we come together and withhold our taxes or go down to the station en masse, because they only have three employees who cannot find their members in their pants. Sigh.

    5. Oh yeah and I forgot I'm in an interracial marriage. But I don't want you to get an affinity for me or anything.

    6. You need a history lesson. The Panthers, MLK & Jesse Jackson began as a psyop. Most were dirty politicians and like OWS passionate people joined. Real activists like Bob Marley and Professor Griff get threatened or killed. What's happening in the cities - and I am in Chicago - is the neighborhoods are being targeted by so called gangs. The news would have you believe a woman could be shot through an alley in a park by a handgun at city block range. That's a rifle shot. And the older people know it but gangs are filled with infiltrators duping wayward youth and the oppressed poor into joining a stronger alliance. This system does need to change, but the real criminals need to be caught first. This is their plan for pop control of your town. At the end of the day, we don't know who George Zimmerman is. But to me he looks just like Casey Anthony. A distraction.

    7. The reason MLK was killed was because he asked where the FBI was hiding disappeared activists. He had been co-opted and there's a rumor Jimmy Carter was promised the presidency if he organized the hit.

  7. @ Subversive Newz Network: Please, can you at least give me an idea what the ENTIRE NEW SYSTEM would (or should for that matter) be and look like according to your standards? :>

    Isn't that weird, how many "destructions" already were in the human history, but neither of them led to a long lasting system or society ... In fact we could even say the older is becoming the current civilization the higher is the frequency of those destructions, and with the frequency also rises the energy. It's one of the basic laws of physics.

    1. The New system is the 1000 years of peace described in the Prophecy of St. John the Revelator in Bible, otherwise Revelations:

      “And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshipped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

      But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.” (Revelation 20:4-6).

    2. I think we have to do it ourselves. I just cannot wait for a prismatic redhead to beam down and tell me what I already know: To treat people with some damn dignity.

  8. Why not try transmutation of energy? It occurred to me today this whole civilization has become way too dependent on schisms and theoretical systems. When do we break free as a species and start living and advancing? Why can't we just change our minds and say I don't know the people in the stories on the news but I want to help the people I do know? I want to know the people I don't yet?...

  9. It is impossible for any jury to be objective and getting a member of all races and both genders will not help. A jury is more likely to convict a drunk driver who hit a child and a tree than one who just hit a tree because they are charging them with intent, although really neither drinker wanted to hit, hurt or kill anything. That example courtesy of Morgan Freeman on Through The Wormhole. Who's to say Zimmerman was just not paranoid or there were sudden movements or he lunged out with fear adrenaline? Who's to say Trayvon was trying to get away from him at the time as his behavior was becoming erratic? We don't know. We weren't there. But riddle me this Batman: Why in the hell did they post 12 year old pictures of Trayvon who was 17? Why make him look like a boy? Why did Obama liken himself to him when he has so little in common and would likely never have to worry about being considered a suspicious person based on his dress, income and possibility he may actually look like an Egyptian on holiday. At the end of the day I think the women on the jury either A decided on Zimmerman's fate because they just didn't want to go with the death penalty in the state of FL, because they are running out of Phenobarbital everywhere and resorting to crueler means and no one wants that on their conscience or B This is all just a circus to prevent the unemployed from doing what they're doing in Greece. At the end of the day city schools get shut down, jobs are given to college kids who will actually be wage slaves if that and jobs will continue to be shipped overseas despite the costs so the middle class can never threaten the status quo and the rich will never have to lose their minions. At the end of the day, no matter what we look like, we're all going to be crashing on each other's couches. And while I'm at it: Don't be ageist. You just cannot speak for everyone in a generation that has been so intermingled, it just doesn't matter to them. Oppression is where you're feeling it. And news for you: These prison systems are targeting EVERYONE because money is green. And so is that all seeing evil eye.

  10. Alright everybody. Label guns down. Let's reframe this since it's a sensitive topic. You live in the Middle East and you are a religious minority - a member of a sect minding your own business. On Friday there is some weird majority mosque protest to kill your family. You decide to go to war against that sect. You guys continue this war for forty years and it starts to occur to you: Neither of you have drone technology. You're seeing CIA copters everywhere. It becomes very apparent something is not right. Oh yeah and you are in the way of a country the West wants resources from. Your banks have been shuddered. People abroad want to help you but they cannot wire you money. You have a no fly zone in place. You have no food. Now terrorists have money to drive a tank down your street. Your government is all a part of it so no help from the. Cry to me when you have real problems. Give it like a year to five. Let's see how you deal with martial law. Do you still want to bicker? Today me. Tomorrow you. Understand?

  11. Al Sharpton? He's been shaking down families and bedding floozies on my side of town for years. He'd mug a baby for a penny. And cry foul just to get his mug on the news. And let's not forget Jesse Jackson. We might all remember that's Meet The Press Interview in the late 90's where he said if I'm a liar may God smite me. Then a light bulb broke in the studio and he jumped up on his chair. He had to be coaxed down. Amazing how you wanted to stir the pot when the first posts laughed off this false flag, calling the poster oblivious and inciting hateful words. It's the person who doesn't want neighborhood wars resulting in government lock downs you should listen to. Your fellow citizen is not the problem. Your "heroes" in office are. But news monikers like yours do this all the time on forums like Godlike and Abovetopsecret. If everyone agrees, insult their mothers and tell them you heard it from the source, right?

  12. An open minded gen y anti racist blogger used the term pretty white news team? That's racist. Are you for real?

  13. What's really happening in Chicago is they want the guard on the ground because it's turning into Detroit. Broke as a joke. The capital of IL is desolate. I would get out of there if I were you.

  14. I am going to blow your minds. The original spelling of Trayvon's name was Trayven Martin. The anagram is Invent A Martyr. After reports changed to an o, you get Vain Martyr Not. Race war foiled by Scrabble tiles!


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