Time to Throw Crony Banksters in Jail

Martha Stewart allegedly uses insider information to prevent a stock loss of around $46,000 - and goes to jail. Jamie Dimon oversees a bank that loses billions of dollars through unethical if not criminal actions - and is still sitting in a corner office making millions. What's wrong with this picture?

Jamie DimonThe self serving at the top who Greenspan allegedly believed could self regulate are no different than other socioeconomic groups. The notion that higher functioning people are ethical visionaries is a failure of any society and the U.S. economy is paying a stiff price ....more checks and balances are needed. More full representation for all interests is needed. Corporations should not be allowed to run like anti-american private non-represenative non-democratic government entities.Some criminals own government and others do not. Why would anyone expect fairness or justice from criminals?


  1. FBI investigative priorities----#4. Combat public corruption at all levels.----#5. Protect civil rights. ---#7. Combat major white collar crime.--- I suggest starting at the top with the private banking cartel commonly known as "the fed!!.

  2. FBI are, and have always been useless @zzwhypes who couldn't find their asses with both hands; they co-opt credible local law enforcement investigations and push to the front of the final media press conferences to get to the microphone. If they manage to survive to retirement age they head cruise ship security and protect cruise-ship company reputation regarding on board crime. Search: 'International Cruise Victims Association / Kendall Carver' on-line


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