Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Colorado Considers Secession

Residents of the northeastern section of the state of Colorado believe that it should constitute a new, 51st state, according to ABC News.

Sean Conway is Colorado's Weld County Commissioner. He told ABC News that folks in his neck of the woods feel "ignored and disenfranchised" by the state government. How so, Mr. Conway? Well, the Colorado State Senate Bill 252 is the absolute "last straw" in "threatening their way of life," he says.

The trouble with Senate Bill 252, according to the commissioner and others, is that it creates renewable energy sources in the state. Yes. You read that right.

According to Conway, SB252 would raise power rates for rural Coloradans while expressly exempting municipal entities from similar rate hikes.

"If you are going to impose mandates, impose them on everybody," Conway told ABC News. "I think [this is] just one more example of the disconnect happening in the state of Colorado [between urban and rural areas] isn't a Democrat or a Republican thing."

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