Friday, May 31, 2013

The US Dollar will Collapse Disaster Could Be Coming

The US Dollar will Collapse Disaster Could Be Coming
America Bill O Reilly says the U.S. Dollar will Collapse Disaster could be coming

The plan is to inflate their(banksters) troubles away, but at such a slow pace(5-10% per year) that no one will mind, too much. If they don’t print money fast enough, bank holidays, or Bail-Ins(Cyprus) will be necessary to save the banksters. Since banks are paying no interest, gold makes the most sense, followed by anything ‘Not in a Bank’.Zimbabwe will look prosperous compared with where Obama is taking us. As the dollar falls to parity with the old Zimbabwe currency, our weakling Congress is absolutely pathetic, too afraid to impeach a black communist for fear of looking racist, even while the country is heading toward smoldering ruins. A Pentagon coup is more attractive than another 3 years of Obama. At least then, there could be no pretense of legitimacy in government.

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  1. "I have to play "Paul Revere" here." Really O'Reilly, are you FREAKIN KIDDING? And as far as the collapse is concerned, I have been preparing as best I can for years now, let it FALL ALREADY!


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