Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Quest For Peace and Happiness Individually and Globally

The peace and happiness we all long for both personally and globally, though elusive and seemingly impossible, is also a reality which is waiting in the womb of possibility to be born, and it is up to us to be the midwives of our own, and hence the global transformation.

We are living in a virtual asylum of continual wars, both militarily and financially, and those wars – created by xenophobic  megalomaniacs in government – generally stem from a desire for power and money. We are also in a general battle within ourselves swinging between happy and sad, liberation and fear, and an almost continual struggle to find inner peace and stability, which is ironically something we always posses, but which is generally covered over by our agitation, worries, fears and foibles.

It is the feeling of disconnection from our peace and happiness, and the struggle and despair in us that forces us to want to rediscover, and retrieve it again. It is important to remember that the peace and happiness we yearn for is not something we have to try and get but it is something we already posses, but it is concealed and covered over by our fear and struggle to survive, so it is not outside us beyond our grasp, but very much inside us, waiting for us to rediscover it, and it is like a room full of treasure in us all, and we only need to find the key and combination again to gain access to it again.

The more we lose our peace, happiness, balance and sanity inwardly, individually, then the more we will see us losing it globally, because we as individuals make up the whole orchestra of humanity, and it is an emergency that we now regain our balance because every one of us is a vital part of that human orchestra which is playing so dangerously out of tune. When we re tune ourselves individually the whole human orchestra will play in harmony, and at that point it will not matter what imbalanced government or politician tries to conduct the whole, waving their stick at the orchestra to do this or that, it wont work because a population with inner balance, harmony and peace could not be manipulated and coerced. – Jason Liosatos.

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