Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"American Police State-To Protect & Serve The New World Order" by Dan Bidondi

IN OUR LIVES government moved from service & friendly advice, to disrespect, to thuggery, to corruption, to outright criminal conspiracy. Logical discourse is now fined. Laws are whatever a particular policeman says they are at any moment. We do still have a legislative branch of government to create the illusion of rule of law. Yesterday's play ground bully now has a badge, a gun, & a tazer.How freedom dies: Millions dig the ditch they are told to dig then wet their pants when the machine gun bolts slam home & they die stupidly crying “How did this happen to me?” Tiny minority will have to do what will be required. "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."- Benjamin Franklin Watch other videos on johnperna2 Read Articles TARGETFREEDOM: Calling the Tyrant's Bluff , Police State Jobs Available for Psychopaths

THANKS OFFICER. Your freedom is at risk too. The stormtrooper is a peacock in 1 day & feather duster the next. Tyrants need stormtroopers while gaining power. They kill them later. Whoever the tyrant lets survive meets justice after tyrant falls. Watch Nuremberg trial footage on johnperna2 Nuremberg thugs said "Just doing our jobs." See videos of them on slabs w/ nooses still on necks. Watch rest of channel johnperna2: History Lesson for Future Tyrants, Google "Calling the Tyrant's Bluff"

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