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Max And Chrissy Sumer - The Motivation Behind Boston / Sandy Hook Hoax

watergate was a cover, Nixon was ousted because his connection to the jfk murder was about to be exposed, all the information confiscated during the watergate burglary had names on those documents and incriminated everyone in high office. Just like clinton monica lewinsky was a cover for the hundreds of dead bodies he and Hillary left trailing behind them, specifically the blatant murder of Ron Brown. We have cold blooded killers in the white house staging this would be easy.

I don't believe a word the Media has to say, but lets say i did

a) is adam lanza ryan lanza? and who is releasing these fake photos?

b) why were cnn using green screen technology while supposedly circling the school

c) why if it was a crazed gunman in an elementary school why would you lock down the school before retrieving any children?

d) Why are both Lanza's father & Holmes father testifying in the Libor Scandal

none of these have been answered to my satisfaction, i believe NO CHILDREN DIED

The truth is that the official investigation has not shown any proof at all that 1) Adam Lanza was actually the shooter, 2) that Nancy Lanza was killed 3) that any bodies were actually found 4) that this somehow did not happen at the exact same time as a planned FEMA drill. Why were there an armed SWAT team at the Danbury Hospital? What happened to the original three adult witnesses that were supposedly were injured? If anything is ludicrious it's the story that a 110 lb kid who was very shy and afraid to be around people was even capable of such an act, and that his mother, a rich wine drinking WASP, would even have an assault rifle. NONE of that has been proven, so I guess that is why people are still asking the questions.

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  1. I agree with the Sandy Hook Hoax. The medical
    examiner stated it was a hoax at a function in
    Las Vegas. Adam Lanza does not exist then or
    now; the neighborhood where they supposedly
    lived had interviewers of neighbors who said
    that they didn't live there or had moved a long
    time ago? Pictures of children on Facebook were
    pulled posing as some of the children who died;
    and on and on. Actors were used as in the Boston bombing. We have traitors who will do
    anything for a price. What I don't understand is
    the funerals of the little boy (I believe was
    Jewish) and had to be buried in 3 days and his
    uncle flew in for the funeral. Also, there is
    proof that this was planned 4 years ago. The
    beautiful little girl didn't die if she had a
    photo with Obama a few days later in the same
    dress. Remember, this was near the Church of
    Satan and our President was holding his hands
    up in the Satan salute; pretty sick.


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