The Collapse of Money Humanities Heroin Addiction

Cyprus is just the beginning, as we witness humanities forced addiction and slavery to money collapsing, and this addiction to money makes heroin seem like child’s play. With most serious addictions there is a dealer and a user and both play their part in perpetuating the misery. The dealer usually has less misery than the poor user because even if the dealer is trapped and addicted to the drug like the user, at least s/he has a bountiful supply of the substance all the time even if it is also killing them. They have access to it whenever they need it, and have control over it, especially if they can produce it themselves. The poor user however is in a perpetual struggle and state of fear, to acquire the drug they need to survive, and being so addicted and dependent on it, everything including their very survival depends on them getting it. The pain of not having it is horrific and causes terrible misery. The pain of having it also causes misery because you know it’s going to run out, and thus a person, the ‘user addict’ is trapped in the prison of continually doing anything to get it, which is a joy for the dealers.
The poor users  should not be blamed for their addiction and dependency, because the dealers entrapped them early in life, they were forced to ‘use’ the deadly money drug, and the system of dealer and user seemed just normal to them not knowing any different, it is what they were born into. The dealers even give the poor young addict the drug without payment sometimes and the addict racks up great debts which enslaves them to the dealers even further, often for a whole lifetime and the cunning dealers know that the addiction will be passed onto their children.
The dealer relies completely on people becoming trapped in the addiction, so they become experts at learning how to trap people as early as they can, hopefully from a very young age. They give young people bundles of the drug for a college education and promise them a future supply once they leave, when they can begin paying them back. Does this all sound familiar? Good lets proceed.
The addiction to money has caused more death, wars, disease, misery, heartbreak, suicide, sicknesses and disgusting psychological and physical torment for human civilization than anything ever has done or ever will do again on this planet. Nothing could possibly match its insanity, which has predictably brought humanity to the brink of its destruction via the deadly and completely insane drug of money. The damage it has done globally and individually and the story of its misery could not fit between the pages of a book, or the walls of the biggest library. It is the biggest killer disease the world has ever known, and is about to reach a predictable climax if it is not halted, where the superpowers of the world will blow themselves, us and the planet into history.
I know a lot about addictions having been addicted to most drugs and all but few of the other addictions of mind and body that we could think of. I know by personal experience the misery and torment of addictions, but nothing compares to the drug of money, and the misery it is causing. Of course we must remember at this point that the main dealers with plenty of it, even if they aren’t the big dealers, are not going to want to hand their casino chips in if they are winning at the moment. There are many smaller dealers of the drug from the biggest and most brutal, to the smallest, who deal with the addict in the corner shop. The bottom line is this, most addicts are trapped and consumed completely by the pursuit of the money drug to barely survive, and that pursuit is robbing people of their souls and the life force within them, and it has a strangle hold so tight around humanities neck we are all dying from it, and so is the planet.
So the choice is simple, end money before it destroys us and this planet. The main thing keeping us trapped is that we have become so enslaved and dependant on it and the dealers who feed us that we can’t see or envisage a future of survival without the dealers or the drug. We are frightened and concerned, but that’s natural, so let us not blame ourselves. And we must remember as I have previously said that it is the despair, frustration, fear and disconnection in ourselves that this has caused, which ironically is the very thing that is forcing us to find an alternative to survive, and we will.
We are amazing, resourceful, heroic survivors and we must never doubt our ability to look after ourselves, and it is the dealer that has robbed us of our power. Now it’s time to take that power back and build a new life for ourselves based on a new currency of love, respect, cooperation and caring for ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters. We are deeply wounded by this system but we know it, and at last we will take our lives and power back.
Then in the great words of the beautiful and courageous visionary soul Martin Luther King, we can sing: Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last. – Jason Liosatos

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