Rush Limbaugh on why College today is a total waste of time and Money, especially as related to careers

Rush Limbaugh on why college today is a total waste of time and money, especially as related to careers
From "The Rush Limbaugh Show" (Thursday, April 25, 2013 edition)

What’s wrong with the college system

It creates corporate drones

Students today leave school with so much debt that they lose their independence and become pawns of whatever company pays them enough to help make payments on their debt.

What it teaches is out of date by the time students graduate

When I was in college, learning about the internet meant understanding how to search using Archie and how to browse using gopher. Archie and gopher were dead technologies the minute I graduated. That’s the problem with a 4-years school system that operates in a world that changes every 4 months.

It doesn’t teach the way people learn

I bet you that a college graduate learns more in her first year on the job than she does in all four years in college.
People learn by doing, not by sitting in a class and being lectured to.

Four years of information is too much to retain

Students end up cramming as much information about a class as they need for to do well on a test and they forget almost all of it after they finish a semester. On graduation day, most students can’t remember what they learned a month before. What they learned as freshmen is a fuzzy memory at best.

Its promise is a hoax

Colleges say that over a lifetime, graduates earn as much as $1 million more than non-graduates. But, as Forbes pointed out in an article appropriately called The Great College Hoax, “A correlation between B.A.s and incomes is not proof of cause and effect. It may reflect nothing more than the fact that the economy rewards smart people and smart people are likely to go to college.”

The truth is that college is one big party

The evidence of the massive 4-year party that college really is can be see all over Facebook.
Are there some students who study hard and learn a lot in college? Yes, but most of those students are learning despite the environment, not because of it.

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  1. I went thru university many years ago and I agree with Rush. It is time to figure out much more effective ways of teaching people and at much less cost. The brick and mortar university is becoming antiquated.


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