Prophecy Update - April 21st, 2013

Pastor JD talks about America in a teaching through Romans 13 and how the absence of the U.S. in the pages of Bible Prophecy is yet another reason that Christ's return for His church is sooner than we may think.America indeed has a prophetic destiny, unfortunately scholars readily dismiss it, looking to Europe for the rise of the AntiChrist and the kingdom in which he will rule as he goes forth establishing his global dominion.The Prophet Daniel identifies that the AntiChrist will come from the people or offspring of those that destroyed the Temple and the City Jerusalem. This of course, was the Roman Legions under Emporer Vespasian and his son General Titus. There is no indication that he will come from the geographical area of Rome.

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  1. Wow, can't find america in prophesy in the bible??

    How about the Anglo American world power, as represented by the feet in Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

    Daniel 2:41 describes the mixture of iron and clay as one “kingdom,” not many. The clay, therefore, represents elements within the sphere of influence of the Anglo-American World Power, elements that make it weaker than the solid iron of the Roman Empire. The clay is referred to as “the offspring of mankind,” or the common people. (Dan. 2:43) In the Anglo-American World Power, people have risen up to claim their rights through civil rights campaigns, labor unions, and independence movements. The common people undermine the ability of the Anglo-American World Power to act with ironlike strength. Also, opposing ideologies and close election results that do not end up in a clear majority have weakened the power base of even popular leaders, so that they have no clear mandate to implement their policies. Daniel foretold: “The kingdom will partly prove to be strong and will partly prove to be fragile.”—Dan. 2:42; 2 Tim. 3:1-3.


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