Joe Biden : We should Create A NEW WORLD ORDER

Joe Biden : "The Affirmative Task We Have Now Is To Create A NEW WORLD ORDER" (FULL SPEECH)
Thank God Obama's economic policies allowed that pickle business to flourish and create 12, thats right 12 new jobs. That means in a 150 years or so every American will be working. In the mean time just keep collecting cans to supplement your income to pay your mortgage.


  1. Jenny, you are a PICKLE! Your guest, Biden, is appropriate! Dear Lord in Heaven, how DILLUSIONAL do you have to be to buy into this GARBAGE!!! It's an embarrasment to me to share Catholicism with this DEMON! Then again, he isn't a Catholic, but a Philistine. No true Catholic I know would back Obama's Abortion plan, yet feel free to receive Communion. There's NOT a HOT ENOUGH PLACE IN HELL for the likes of you Biden!!!

  2. So Biden wants a New World Order? He also graduated from
    Jesuit schools which produce "demons" to infiltrate the Vatican.
    The Jesuits are expecting the "New World Order." Then they will
    have accomplished a long time dream into reality.
    I could not believe Biden would ACTUALLY admit to a New World
    Order.....Now we know who is in control.......SATAN


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