Here Comes The Terror War Profiteers ~ The High Cost Police State

Terror War Profiteers & Their Presstitutes Go Into Overdrive Justifying The High Cost Police State

The only way the government could get more people to want to give up rights would be to stage another massive attack like 9/11, but the longer they wait, the more people wake up and once you’re awake there is no going back. So many people are waking up on a regular basis that if they staged another large attack, they would most likely be exposed, especially since they can’t manage to get even the smallest false flags to play out right such as the underwear bomber.


  1. Their just Setting the Stage for the Biggest Deception yet to Come, When at the 6th Trump,Seal n Vial 666 satan is cast from Heaven to earth,Rev. 12:9 n will appear in Jerusalem claiming hes Jesus the false messiah AntiChrist,,,you might want to visit ShepherdsChapel 24/7 n get Fathers Truth before time runs out....

    1. I hate to piss on your parade, but you've fallen for the biggest psyop of them all - God.
      If you're hiding under your bed wringing your hands together, waiting for Jesus to save your gullible ass, then I've got some news for you and it's all bad.

    2. As long as we get such an answer to the first comment, humanity will NOT be able to enter into the Golden Age.
      Understanding that people are on different levels or vibrations and in above case the first comment wanted nothing else but show his point of view and did it harm anybody? The answer harms and be aware that everything what we are thinking or doing is comming back to us. So do not be shocked when you get your echo.
      Love + light to all

    3. The top comment isn't an opinion ... it's what the commenter has been led to believe, by those who seek to deceive him.
      Ultimately the harm comes to those who choose to believe, for whatever reason that they aren't in control of their own destiny.
      First and foremost, believe in yourself and your abilities to save yourself and those around you.
      No one is going to do it for you !!!


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