CNN Amputee Bad Actor - Boston Bombings

Faced with a difficult decision, Heather Abbott had doctors remove her foot. She's optimistic and doesn't have regrets.

This could be a very sensitive subject, but judging by how happy she is she just had her leg removed, I really don't think she would mind this! Are we wrong? Tell us why in the comments. If we are proven wrong with SOLID evidence.

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  1. Garbage video. She's obviously a well-adjusted and happy person: an optimist. Pretty rare. The person making this video obviously cannot relate: I CAN. Presented with the option of having to walk on a mangled foot that would cause me pain for the rest of my life OR have an amputation that will allow me use of a not-so-painful prosthetic's a no-brainer, especially for a forward-thinking optimist such as this lady. I'm inclined to believe this event was a false flag, but all the "attacks" this video tries to make on this woman are total b.s. and pandering to conspiracy theorists...and there's NO proof here, only conjecture from people who do not read people very well.


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