Friday, April 26, 2013

America in Bible Prophecy ~ Fulfilling Satan's Agenda!

America in Bible Prophecy Satan's Global Liaison

America in Bible Prophecy

• Bible Prophecy's Beast from the "land"
• Horns like a lamb; Speaks like a Dragon
• Deceives the entire world!
• Compels all to worship first Beast (Rome)
• Gives life to the Image of the Beast
• Satan's New World Order . . . imminent!

In this video:
The USA in Bible Prophecy: Fulfilling Satan's Agenda!


  1. WOW! Does this mean that Obama could be the anti christ since no one really knows where he came from?

    1. No the AntiChrist will be super natural snapping his fingers n lightning come down, it will be satan himself thou he'll be claiming hes Jesus this happens at the 6th Seal 6th Trump 6th Vial Rev.12:9 when satan is cast from Heaven to the earth the stage is being set the Big deception is coming sooner then you might think. Visit ShepherdsChapel if you want to find Fathers Truth taught chapter by chapter verse by verse with understanding a child can absorb..


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