Adrian Salbuchi ~ The Total Dmitry Orlov Collapse is Imminent

W.A.N. Radio 4-24-13 hr1 McGrath and Adrian Salbuchi .Adrian Salbuchi is an internationally-renowned Argentine author, political analyst, speaker and radio television commentator.

The central bankers control 167 of the what 178 countries.Once we wake up and realize that paper money is worthless and has no value but what we give to it (Based on faith nothing more), then and only then will we be free from our enslavement!! Problem is, convincing and more importantly educating people to just what that means--and with how we've been dumbed down to such a level to insure the people in mass will not rise up against this false system--well ya only need two words--those two words being Good Luck!!

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  1. the way is a way, a) ignore rather than obey, and it is the US$ that has everyone under a fear lock state of self. once the dollar collapses freedom can indeed become a reality. however the pyramidal architecture is a must in order to structure the defragmented $ realm, and them after that anew world can become a reality.


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