WW3 ~ A Global Thermonuclear War is very Plausible in the coming Days

An analyst says with the United States setting up offensive military bases around both Russia and China and tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the possibility of a global thermonuclear war is not that far-fetched. The comments came after North Korea said it has entered a "state of war" with the South, highlighting that Pyongyang will deal with every inter-Korean issue accordingly. The statement, which was issued jointly by the East Asian country's government, ruling party, and other organizations, came amid escalating tension in the Korean Peninsula. On March 21, South Korean and US forces wrapped up an annual war game codenamed 'Key Resolve' amid high military tension with North Korea, announcing that they would continue to maintain high alert in the wake of fresh threats of attack from Pyongyang. North Korea, however, condemned the maneuvers as a launch pad for a "nuclear war."

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mike Billington, Asia Desk editor for the Executive Intelligence Review newsmagazine from Washington, to ask him whether there will be a war or is North Korea flexing its muscles to coerce South Korea into softening its policies and win aid from Washington. The video also offers the opinions of one additional guest: Frederick Peterson who is Congressional Defense Policy Advisor from Washington.

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