Sunday, March 3, 2013


Only someone that is brainwashed would trust any government because power corrupts. The vast majority of human history there has been tyranny everywhere. Total freedom has never existed and wherever any kind of freedom has ever existed it has never lasted. Yet you think people should trust their government? Why? Government doesn't have a good track record. Trusting government with freedom is like trusting a drug addict with money. Sooner or later they will give it away to get what they want.


  1. ...and the dumb ass gun control freaks say only the cops and military should have weapons. Selling out your own right to self defense so you can be tortured by the cops. No thank you, you f'ing fascist sympathizers.

  2. I think it might be time to ditch my smart phone as well. Today I was at a friends, and I started hearing someone say Hello, Hello, Hello, and it was coming from the phone in my shirt pocket. I know I didn't dial any one so I answered it, thinking maybe I hit the answer button by mistake, and I said Hello, who is this, she said it's the 911 Operator. I said 911, how did you get my number, she said you called me. I said my phone has been in my shirt pocket, and the keypad should have been locked, so how did my phone dial you. We were both a little confused. I told her, nothing was wrong but a messed up phone. So if you hear someone saying Hello, it just might be the Police.

    1. Oh, and just to let you know, I DO NOT have 911 on my Speed Dial.

      In an Emergency I dial COLT45

  3. Alex Jones is right, it's becoming a police state, the Constitution is pretty much worthless at this point. The president openly states that can execute anyone he wishes! The economy is going to get worse and the gov't knows it, that's why the police are allowed to act this way, they have to maintain order at all costs. If you think your rights matter in the least bit you are extremely mistaken and you if you act from this believe you may place yourself in great danger.


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