BREAKING ~ Mount Etna Erupts - 28\2\2013

On the morning of February 28, shortly after 8:20 , the Strombolian activity started again from the Southeast Crater, to be precise from a vent over the saddle between the two cinder cones. Around 09:00 , another mouth , located on top of the cinder cone east, began producing strombolian explosions. The effusive activity at the eruptive fissure placed a few hundred meters to the east from the base of the Southeast Crater cone east of the Southeast ( FeS2 - see map below + Report 25/02_22: 45 ) concluded between the evening of 25 and the morning of the 26th, at a time not precisabile due to bad weather conditions. During the night between 26 and 27 February, faint glow from the interior of the cone summit station, marking the beginning of a new strombolian activity intracraterica. The position of the flare, slightly displaced to the north than those observed during the activity occurred in the last few weeks by strombolian cinder cone located on the southeastern portion of the bottom of the crater of the Bocca Nuova, suggesting the activation of a mouth in a different position to ' interior of the crater depression. Direct observations made ​​on the morning of February 27 by the Alpine Guides of Etna and kindly Refer to a friend by Alfio Mazzaglia, have established that the mouth explosive attivatasi is placed inside the Chasm, close to the remains of the "Aperture" which divides it from Bocca Nuova. The chasm is then entered into eruption after more than 13 years of inactivity. The strombolian explosions have been going on all morning gradually increasing, evidenced by the production of dense gas plumes that rose several hundred meters above the crater. Around 10:30 the strombolian activity has evolved into a fountain of lava producing a small eruptive paroxysm, and remained rather constant (albeit with a slight and temporary decrease between 11:20 and 11:30 ) for about three hours. During the most intense, the plume produced by fontanamento took a darker because of the ash produced and taken over by the eruption plume ( photo below left ). During this stage the other craters produced only degassing, without any eruptive activity. (Source: Alfio Mazzaglia) The intensity of the explosion has been gradually declining from 13:30 or so, returning on a phenomenology similar to that observed during the night, with continuous explosions that during the most energetic events, throwing incandescent material up to 150 meters over the 'crater edge ( photo below right ). The strombolian activity to the Crack went on like that throughout the course of the February 27 and during the following night.


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