Mythology and the Coming Great Deception (Rob Skiba)

This new DVD traces the trail of foreign gods that were introduced to the Israelite in Egypt and still remain with us, all the way to the present day. It appears a few of them have even landed in Washington D.C.! Zeus lives! If you liked Apollyon 2012 and Nephilim Stargates by Tom Horn, you will love this DVD. One of the most fascinating DVDs I've seen on this subject. "The son of Man" a biblical phrase that had always bothered me. I felt a twinge of alarm and truth when faced some of his theories built around the arrogance of science messing with my future. "They" do this against my will and free choice. They break the Creators laws. I pray for help for the Human race. Remember we ALL have FREE WILL- Search and you will find the truth- but you must ASK For TRUTH, and you shall receive. Just follow what is in your heart. Peace to all.

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