Dustin Hoffman Tells Piers Morgan 'God Bless You For What You are Saying About Gun Control'

2/24/13 - Dustin Hoffman could be appearing on Piers Morgan Tonight in the near future. Piers Morgan caught up with the legendary actor (and recent first-time director) on the red carpet for the Academy Awards, and the two talked about more than just Hollywood. Hoffman revealed that he's a big fan of Morgan's, saying he doesn't often get "starstruck" but felt "extraordinary" to be standing next to the CNN host. At the tail end of a short conversation about the Oscars and Hoffman's new film Quartet, Hoffman told Morgan "God bless you for what you're saying about gun control," indicating that he's been watching Morgan's relentless advocacy since December's Newtown shooting. Morgan invited Hoffman to come discuss the issue with him on his CNN show, adding that up until now Hoffman has been "elusive." We'll see if Hoffman remains an unattainable guest or if he pops up on CNN soon to share more of his views about guns.

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  1. I hate to sound like a stereotype, but I suppose what they say about most actors being STUPID is true! Hey Hoffman, see how many go to see your movie after that statement, and especially if you appear on "Pierce Morgan's" show!


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