Alex Jones Exposed? by VInny Eastwood and Bruce Montalvo 24 Feb 2013

Alex Jones is just an in-your-face loud sort of guy. Yes, he's done stuff he shouldn't have done. If you don't like him, ignore him and get on with the more important job of reaching the people with the truth.


  1. Vinny's right-"You have to take the good with the bad." Yes, Alex knows the "Propaganda Machine" probably better than the "Globalists," but his "Fear Tactics" are a bit much at times. I've had to tune him out because of this. "By their fruit you shall know them."

  2. Who is Vinny Eastwood ? Is he more credible than Alex Jones? I doubt it. Is Alex fear mongering or just want to open eyes of millions of lazy people who prefer to watch sport events or Hollywood action movies than to understand whats going on?
    I do not care Alex shouts or bursts with anger. I am happy he is able to relax after show. We would have been slaves of NWO already without people like Alex, Ron Paul, Nigel Farage in Europe, Bill Black, Martin Armstrong and few others. Vinny Eastwood is a clown for me with no credibility at all.

  3. Watch it - Now Alex gets too powerful for the "elites" and they try to slowly but steady throw him down.
    This is an old game. So please Alex watch yourself. Do not risk too much - you do have a young family needing you.
    For me as a foreigner Alex is just great acting - How can you awake so many sheepli people without shaking and shouting.
    Watch these exposing "stars" on the Oscar-Event. These fotos and infos are headlines in all international news. Ignorance of the true situation all over the world is humanities biggest enemie. If we are not listening - we will feel and what happens today to the suffering people will happen tomorrow to us. We are all interconnected.
    Love and Light to all creations

  4. Alex Jones is a bullying, bombastic, fear mongering, exaggerating asshole. That said I am hopelessly addicted to his show and usually listen a bit every day until his histrionics drive me away to other more calm truther shows. Much as I can't stand him he did make me aware of many things I was in ignorance before listening to his show, It is definately a love hate relationship. I love to hate him but I can't stay away.

  5. Ummm... the ammo purchase by the DHS is real. Here is the UPI story. While Alex Jones does deserve a lot of the criticism that has been leveled at him, accusing Jones of lying or fabricating that story shoots your own credibility in the foot.


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