Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax ~ Walking In Circles Around Sandy Hook Firehouse

If you pay attention to what is really going on around the Sandy Hook Firehouse- People are walking in circles, out one door, in the other, over and over again. They also walk all the way around the firehouse, only to enter through another door. Why are these people doing this? Do they mean to keep leaving and entering over and over again- or is this the same method that is used in movie productions where extras walk around on a loop in the foreground and background to create the illusion of a busier atmosphere? It is interesting that Gene Rosen appears to have spent quite a bit of time around the firehouse- he doesn't really mention this much in his interviews though- Who is the man Gene Rosen keeps talking to? The actors at the Sandy Hook firehouse - Spinning around and around.

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