Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reporter Challenges Mayor Bloomberg: Will You Disarm Your Security Team?

Jason Mattera Talking about Confronting Bloomberg on gun control , Most anti gunners just don't know anything about guns or the situation in the USA. They don't understand how owning guns is a constitutional right and what that really implies. Very basically they just think that if you give a normal citizen a gun they will inevitably use it in some horrible way. It is because they are just not used to the idea. Bloomberg needs to step down as mayor of NYC. He is sucking new York city dry financially

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  1. Another elitist hag in Bloomberg. I love how the guy asks him if he wants a sip of his soda because of Bloomberg's retarded soda ban as if people can't decide what they want themselves. Can't stand these elitist c@cksuck#&s


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