Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pepe Escobar :The American Policy in the Middle East and North Africa is a Complete Disaster

Pepe Escobar : Shadow wars & no interventions - US plan for MidEast & Asia "Obama called Libya a success story", that's true if you consider a war crime first category by violating a sovereign nation a "success story" And at least it is more as what Obama can say about the US itself which even the most notorious liar does not call a "success story". The neo-con/PNAC/AIPAC plan has always been about destabilization - creating chaos - with the crazy belief that this will somehow lead to the NWO of total spectrum dominance by the Washington Empire. It's crazy simply because the corporate part of the military industrial complex, cannot do business/exploit in unstable countries: witness what just happened in Algeria in the gas plant.


  1. The Mideast a success story, don't make me LAUGH!!! Speaking of, America has become a "LAUGHING STOCK" to the ENTIRE WORLD! It's a real embarrasment.

  2. NO !....America is NOT the "laughing stock to the entire world..."; It is Barak Hussein Obama, who is methodically de-constructing America, who is the actual "laughing stock" of the ENTIRE WORLD ! The "world" should be very cautious in blaming America for its "ills" and remember that it is America's citizens that provides aid and comfort to the rest of the world's nations in time of tragedy and need. When Obama finishes his agenda for America and its citizens, WHO THEN will fulfill the role America has filled since the 18th Century?!? There is NO OTHER COUNTRY CAPABLE OR WILLING TO CONSISTENTLY FILL THAT ROLE. NOR WILL THERE EVER BE SUCH A MAGNANIMOUS COUNTRY AGAIN. Barak Hussein Obama is nothing more than a small, negative & destructive anomaly on the face of this planet, at this moment in time, and he will pass into history as an obscure, easily forgotten blot on the "historical timeline" who attempted to destroy American exceptualism in the eyes of a world in serious need. There is nowhere else to go, and no one else to turn to,..AFTER America (certainly NOT the "tribal" Muslim world with its oppressive shar'is law, as they will by then return to their historical agenda of fighting and killing EACH OTHER. Certainly NOTt the Chinese or Russians; the necessary "supply lines" to their respective aggressions have historically never been long enough, for a long enough period of time, to secure their bellicose agendas. Certainly NOT the United Nations, a failed ineffective organization patterned after an earlier failed, ineffective organization, Wilson's "League of Nations (almost one hundred (100) years of confused failure imposed upon the world by these two power-seeking "theoretical" organizations almost entirely supported by monies coerced fro America's largesse. If America doesn't survive, the rest of the world will, sooner rather than later, be returning to the "Dark Ages".


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