Michael Savage - Biden & Obama Want Executive Order for Gun Control - 1/9/13

The so called 'public servants' of this country must never forget that it is ultimately the people in charge. As long as there is a gun behind every door they won't forget it. Joe Biden said that the gun issue is a morale issue. To me abortion is more of a morale issue than guns and far more lives have been lost to it than gun violence. The 52 million babies lost to abortion is what makes me sick. Joe Biden saying that guns are a morale issue, but saying that abortion is not is stupid. But that is the traditional leftist progressive liberals view.


  1. Michael WIENER-Savage is the God-Emperor of idiots. He didn't challenge the constitutionality of our getting into the Iraq war... in fact he called those of us who questioned Bush's rationale behind it as "treasonous".

    Remember after the Aurora shooting when Michael Savage was calling for a high-cap magazine ban? He was also calling for the outlawing of body armor and sports cars as well. So now that the wolf is at the door he's having a change of heart?

    Anyone remember when Michael Savage was calling Ron Paul an anti-semite and raving loon? Yet he keeps flip-flopping back and forth about the New World Order apparently.

    Perhaps if he had actually stood for something when it counted instead of waiting so late in the game, he might have some credibility. Instead he chose to be the mouthpiece for the Neocons for so long and not only failing to challenge the legality of what our previous leaders have done, but in a few cases encouraged it; that if we indeed lose our 2nd Amendment rights, I will regard him as partially responsible for it happening.

  2. Since the late'70's, EVERY mass-killing shooting occurred in "GUN FREE ZONES" (except for two with one of those being Gabby Giffords and the only other was in a MacDonalds fast food restaurant). Even retards should be able to figure out the solution to THAT dilemma; and they won't have to posture and pontificate to do that (Only sleazy, agenda-driven politicians do that...) [Oh but for the return of Samuel Adams cure for Charlatans & Scoundrels: "Tarring & Feathering"...]

  3. I have just watched a video where it shows a cop unloading the so called ar 15 found in the trunk of adam lanzas car. puting aside the wierdness of this shot just by the fact that we are u nloading it into the trunk instead of in the school that they say is where they got it I noticed the cop cycling the rifle to unload it. I can tell you for a factt that any one who knows that rifle can tell you that the way to unload it is to remove the magazine and then cycle it once to unload the chamber. I also noticed that the charging handle was monted on the bolt on the side of the fire arm in the video. Again anyone who knows that fire arm will tell you that the ar 15 family has the charging handle mounted on the back side of the reciever. In short after seeing this is Hey Piers, Get YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!! YOU TOO BIDEN!!!!!!


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