Friday, January 25, 2013

Alex Jones Goes on Armed Rampage... With Bubblegun

Alex interrupts a crew meeting with his latest toy, a bubble gun. At the sight of this weapon, the crew transforms into a group on jibbering ninnies. While this dark satire appears silly on the surface it is incredibly frightening that it is based on real events that have recently taken place. See the links below and you will realize the joke is on us as we let nanny state take over.


  1. razy mother fucker this Alex, idiot.

  2. will you be moving to Israel soon Alex? since you have quite connection with Zion!

    beware of this wolf in sheeps clothing! Jones fans! .. find out for yourselves!! you will be amazed!..

  3. PERFECT video...two thumbs up! I can understand why these other two anonymous posts are moronic...they must not watch the news so they don't get it. Pretty obvious that if you DID watch Alex Jones you'd know he had nothing to do with Zionists. If you want to least try to make sense (geesh).


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