Tim Rifat ~ More Wars and The Destruction o f The Middle Class in 2013

Tim Rifat on Jeff Rense Show 2012 December 26th : America will push for the fall of Assad in Syria in 2013 , and the Syrian scenario will be transplanted in Iran in 2013 with foreign mercenaries fighting America's wars in the region , the sooner the Americans will give up their arms the sooner the Chinese will occupy America after it falls says Tim Rifat ....

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  1. I realize Tim Rifat is a bit on the "CRAZY" side, but it's REALLY IRRITATING when he speaks about "The quicker the Wests falls, the better it will be for people like myself, who detests the West." Really, then why the HELL are you on American radio you LIMEY, or whatever the HELL you are?

  2. Rifat, you're really a PSYCHO!!! I can't believe that Jeff Rense EVER has you on! Talking about women and children being slaughtered, and liking it, WOW, what a SICK PIECE OF CRAP you are! Tell me something there Rifat, do you believe in Jesus? They say those that HATE Jesus LOVE DEATH-I guess you're among them, huh?


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