Monday, December 31, 2012

Martial Law in America Before Memorial Day According To Sources

This Video segment features Dr Bill Deagle and John Moore. According to sources martial law will be declared in America by Memorial Day, likely by March 2013. This video segment taken from....Dr Deagle Show 2012/12/28 - PREPAREDNESS, CIVIL DEFENSE, MARTIAL LAW AND EARTH CHANGES . There will be Marial Law in this country between now and Memorial day


  1. If so,...this will be America's second Civil War and many will die to preserve freedom & liberty...

  2. Yes many would die, and I for one pray to god this does not have to happen. But in order to stop a fight, both parties have to come to the conclusion that there is no gain by doing so. The the fight that is brewing is like the play ground bully that pushes the quiet kid just too far. the quiet kid does not want trouble but comes the conclusion that is seems to look like no matter what he tries to do, he is going to get a bloody nose. So when he finds himself cornered he resolves there is no choice. Game on. It does not have to be this way. Lets pray for a fair solution to the situation. I have been!

  3. 21 December has come and gone and nothing happened! I don’t deny the possibility of a Planet X passing through our solar system during this decade. I definitely believe that our solar system is in the middle of passing through the galactic plane because there is evidence of this; The magnetic north pole (MNP) stopped meandering in northern Canada (late 70’s) and started on a straight path at an ever increasing speed headed in the direction of Siberia. Two things are presently affecting the MNP; the sun draws the MNP toward it constantly. This is proven by the fact that the MNP describes a circle every day as the earth turns. The galactic plane has a north and a south field of attraction. As our solar system approaches that dividing line, the MNP has increased its speed and maintained its straight direction. When we pass that dividing line, the MNP will reverse its direction and start to slow down over a period of about 30 years. Some claim that our solar system has passed that line of demarcation on 28 December, 2012. If that is true, watch for an announcement that the NMP has reversed course during the coming year.
    Some claim that proof of the presence of Planet X (Nibiru, dark star, or whatever) is near, is the increase of volcanism. I don’t believe that, because if an external planetary body were to influence/cause increased volcanism, it would also cause an increase in earthquakes. Last year the number of earthquakes during a week’s time ranged from 147 to 590. During the month of December, 2012 it ranged from 166 to 233 which are very low on average. An increase of volcanism will not occur without an increase in earthquakes if it is caused by something external to our solar system. The activity of the North Magnetic Pole is the key to what is, or is not, happening on our world and in our solar system. It is the only yardstick that ordinary folks have access to.


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