An End to Nationalism - A Time for Each State to Secede From the Union

A 79 minute discussion about secession. Just some things to think about, but not for those with a conditioned attention span of 3 minutes or those who are good for a 15 second commercial and then their mind is exhausted and they have to rest. This is a video that you play when jogging. I think everyone should consider my ideas laid out here and think about how life would change if the United States of America was a collection of states, united, without the federal government to drain the wealth of individuals, take us into costly wars and make demands on us, as if we are under the dictatorial rule of an oppressive federal government. Those in government do not understand the Constitution and they prove it, every day. We don't need leaders any more, if they act like this. The first document they should get familiar with is the Constitution and by the time they take their oath, they understand the true meaning of that oath, the reason it is significant and what would happen to our nation, if people rose to power, without adequate respect for this sacred document! The Tenth Amendment provides us with the means to change America for the better. I linked to Sheriff Richard Mack's videos and he is a true leader and a better candidate for President, than Obama and Romney combined. He's even better than Ron Paul, who has been in government so long that he thinks the government should tell women when to have children and what they can do with their reproductive organs. When there is only one Constitutional candidate, what do you do? We need 15 Constitutional candidates to choose from, not one!

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