WARNING: Amazon.com is now BIG BROTHER !

WARNING: Amazon.com SPIES on you!
Amazon.com is now BIG BROTHER. Be warned and learn the truth about how Amazon.com is spying on you!

Transcript : amazon.com is becoming a big brother and 0:08 it's becoming a danger to our privacy 0:11 and to our security many people don't 0:14 realize how dangerous it is to have one 0:16 company that knows everything you buy 0:19 everything you consume that building a 0:21 psychological profile of who you are and 0:24 what your needs are and what your 0:26 interests are if you're watching movies 0:28 from amazon prime they're building a 0:29 psychological profile based on your 0:31 movies if you're using amazon fire or 0:34 amazon kindle there they're building a 0:36 profile on what you're reading 0:39 it's like a librarian that computer into 0:41 your life at the same time they know 0:42 exactly what you're buying and consuming 0:44 and now Amazon rolls out its amazon echo 0:48 device which is a listening device it 0:50 literally fits in your living room and 0:52 it listens to everything you say and it 0:54 record things that you say and law 0:57 enforcement authorities across America 0:59 are already trying to access that 1:02 recorded data from amazon devices so 1:05 that they can use it against you to 1:08 indict you to declare you to be a 1:10 criminal and throw you in prison for 1:12 things that you said in the privacy of 1:14 your own home and that's not the only 1:16 risk 1:17 amazon is also owned by jeff bezos and 1:19 he owns the Washington Post The 1:22 Washington Post has become a source of 1:25 what i call journal terrorism it is 1:28 engaged in the deliberate fabrication of 1:30 false news with the intended purpose of 1:33 terrorizing the American citizens for 1:35 political gain the washington post for 1:37 example completely fabricated the 1:40 Russian hacking story about the Russian 1:44 hacking the election and handing Trump 1:46 of victory was completely fabricated the 1:48 Washington Post fabricated the story 1:50 about 200 websites including my website 1:52 natural is they claimed that we were 1:55 working with the Russian that that I'm a 1:57 Russian spy or something this is also 1:59 Washington Post the paper got caught 2:02 fabricating another story claiming the 2:04 Russians hacked a Vermont utility in 2:08 burlington I believe claiming that the 2:10 Russians had it had penetrated the u.s. 2:12 power 2:13 it by hacking that that company turned 2:15 out to be a complete fabrication so the 2:18 Washington Post is engaged in really the 2:20 most malicious and dangerous type of 2:22 propaganda for America which is the the 2:25 use of fear and terrorism that to spread 2:28 this information for political purposes 2:30 when you combine this with the Big 2:34 Brother surveillance attitude of 2:36 amazon.com and the fact that it has 2:38 become a monopoly that's putting 2:40 retailers out of business left and right 2:42 it controls now maybe a third of all 2:46 online sales during the holiday season 2:48 you're looking at a very dangerous 2:49 entity in the hands of one person who is 2:52 a globalist Jeff basis is a global he's 2:56 like dr. evil from austin powers you 2:59 know except actually scary and not 3:02 really very funny 3:03 yes maybe this is a threat to our 3:05 freedom threat to our Liberty a threat 3:06 to our privacy and he's demonstrated 3:08 that by intentionally deploying the 3:12 washington post as a propaganda weapon 3:14 to spread knowingly this information and 3:18 false news fake news that's what the 3:20 Washington Post does and he's funding 3:22 the washington post by using revenues 3:25 from amazon.com to subsidize a paper 3:28 that otherwise would have gone bankrupt 3:29 because the Washington Post cannot run 3:33 itself can't finance itself based on 3:36 advertising revenues have to be 3:37 subsidized that that effort to be a 3:42 propaganda rag a disinformation hub that 3:46 entire agenda of the Washington Post to 3:49 destroy America to destroy the Trump 3:52 administration to to be educate the 3:56 population to revise history to spread 3:59 false false information all of these 4:02 things take money and jeff bezos is 4:04 financing those operations through 4:06 amazon.com profits which are of course 4:08 substantial so what we need to do as 4:12 consumers is realized that if we 4:14 purchased through amazon.com we are in 4:17 effect funding journal terrorism 4:19 and i encourage everyone to really find 4:23 alternatives of where you can purchase 4:25 goods online you know I've been a 4:27 longtime customer of amazon.com and I 4:30 I've enjoyed the many of the benefits 4:33 the prime shipping and so on but today 4:35 I'm deliberately trying to reduce my 4:37 purchases from amazon and support other 4:40 smaller retailers specialty retailers 4:42 for example uh I purchase a lot of 4:45 outdoor sports and survival type of 4:48 supplies so I try to go to places like 4:50 Midway USA or a sportsman's guide or 4:54 other just other alternatives that that 4:57 aren't tied into the jeff bezos dr. evil 5:01 global propaganda agenda and that's what 5:03 we each have to do individually we have 5:05 to stop stop letting amazon have our 5:08 money and have our minds by building a 5:11 psychological profile of the movies we 5:13 watch the food we eat the products we 5:15 buy the gifts we buy and also even you 5:18 know installing devices in our living 5:19 room that listen to our voices i 5:22 wouldn't be surprised by the way if 5:24 Amazon fire devices are also listening 5:27 devices that can be activated by law 5:29 enforcement or by the NSA i think that 5:31 most amazon devices that have 5:33 microphones in them can and probably at 5:36 times are used to spy on individuals in 5:41 ways that we we never know about we know 5:43 that government spooks our clients of 5:47 amazon technology systems that the 5:50 hosted servers and then within 5:51 processing systems GIS is one of the 5:54 larger clients to the and Amazon does 5:56 huge business with the federal 5:58 government so if there's leverage on the 6:00 part of the government to to twist the 6:03 arm of Bezos and amazon and and force 6:05 them to handover customer records or 6:08 audio recordings from your living room 6:10 or even your bedroom for that matter 6:12 there's influence from state actors to 6:14 convince amazon.com to sacrifice your 6:19 privacy in in its goal to maintain 6:22 business relationships profitable one 6:24 with the government at large so another 6:27 important rule of thumb is never 6:29 purchase any device that is a listening 6:32 device 6:33 and put it in your private home if you 6:35 do then all of your conversation which 6:37 you thought the private can be recorded 6:39 and they can be analyzed they can be put 6:42 through speech recognition systems to 6:43 make transcripts and those can be 6:44 keyword search using very simple 6:46 algorithms i have been written similar 6:48 types of algorithms for my content 6:50 systems 6:51 it's not a difficult thing to create a 6:54 large database of everything you've ever 6:55 said and then to use that to index 6:58 keywords in the transcripts of your 7:00 speech that you thought was private and 7:02 then to use that against you in a court 7:04 of law and that's what law enforcement 7:06 can do and that's what the NSA can do 7:09 and that's what even the CIA can do at 7:12 amazon is making that possible amazon is 7:15 enabling big brother to listen to your 7:19 words and also to peer into your mind 7:22 amazon itself is not your big brother 7:24 but amazon is the gateway to Big Brother 7:26 amazon is what allows big brother to 7:30 know everything about you that you want 7:32 spot with secret including what you're 7:34 saying in your private moments or even 7:36 the things that you're watching the 7:38 things that you're reading 7:39 amazon knows the the text that you 7:41 highlight in a book on your kindle 7:44 devices and that is late to your credit 7:47 card which is linked to your social 7:49 security number which is linked to your 7:51 driver's license which is linked to your 7:53 home address 7:54 so for the typical consumer who's by 7:57 amazon.com books kindle books or 8:00 watching movies for amazon even without 8:04 an essay the jeff bezos big brother 8:07 surveillance Empire knows everything 8:09 about you 8:11 that's why they can predict what you 8:13 want to buy you ever noticed that Amazon 8:16 suggest things for you they suggest 8:18 movies for you they suggest books for 8:20 you 8:21 they suggest products for you why do 8:23 those fit why are those such good 8:25 suggestions in other words highly 8:26 relevant to your state of mind or 8:29 interest why because amazon already has 8:32 decoded your mind they know everything 8:34 about you they know what you're 8:36 interested in 8:36 they know what you read they know what 8:38 you say and they have a record of all of 8:40 it 8:40 and all of that can be and will be used 8:43 against you in a court of law 8:44 if you do anything that falls outside 8:46 social norms for example you may be like 8:50 me a proper you might be interested in 8:52 preparedness for self-reliance you might 8:55 have been critical of the Obama 8:56 administration so you might be labeled 8:58 anti-government even though you're not 9:00 really oppose the government you're 9:01 opposed to corrupt government but that 9:04 doesn't matter they can label you 9:05 anti-government can label you an 9:07 extremist for any reason at all just 9:09 have any opinion that's not considered a 9:11 status quo and they can go in and look 9:14 at all the books you bald look you 9:16 bought emergency medicine you bought a 9:18 ditch medicine you bought how to how to 9:22 repair your ar-15 and then they can go 9:25 to your Amazon echo audio recordings and 9:27 they can actually bring in a recording 9:29 of you talking about your rifle or your 9:33 ammo supplies or how you think the 9:35 system is collapsing they can use all of 9:37 that to make you look like a lunatic and 9:40 then they can use that to prosecute you 9:42 or even worse when you to a psychiatric 9:45 treatment center will put you on 9:47 psychiatric drugs take away your 9:49 willpower and basically imprison you 9:52 chemically for the rest of your life 9:54 this is what Amazon now has enabled and 9:58 every day that you buy from amazon or 10:00 watch a movie from amazon or read a book 10:02 from amazon you are surrendering a 10:05 psychological profile you are in essence 10:08 incriminating yourself to a an unjust 10:12 corrupt police state surveillance state 10:15 regime that historically has had no 10:18 respect whatsoever for your privacy 10:21 look at what Edward Snowden revealed 10:22 about the NSA and the fighter court 10:25 orders which are a total joke this 10:28 government and this corporate fascist 10:30 system which which jeff bezos helps lead 10:34 has had zero respect for your privacy 10:37 they have abused that privacy at every 10:40 turn 10:41 look at look at all the back doors at 10:43 the NSA is built into google to Twitter 10:46 to Microsoft into yahoo facebook and 10:49 also of course no doubt 10:51 amazon.com 10:52 you think the things that you buy are 10:55 your little secrets with their private 10:57 think again and in exactly the same way 11:00 that facebook is really a NSA spy 11:04 machine designed to build a 11:06 psychological profile of you and your 11:09 friend creating the the social 11:12 connections that can incriminate you in 11:15 the future 11:15 amazon.com is allowing the NSA or Jeff 11:20 basis to build psychological connection 11:23 between you and certain topics are 11:25 certain authors are certain even actors 11:28 in type certain types of movies on all 11:31 of this this entire profile exist to 11:34 exploit you to manipulate you to control 11:39 you 11:39 none of it exists to set you free it 11:43 Jeff Bezos does not have an aim to 11:46 expand human liberty and knowledge and 11:48 freedom and set people's minds free know 11:50 his goal is to exploit everything that 11:54 he can find out about you two 11:56 initially sell you stuff and then after 11:59 that perhaps sell your profile to the 12:03 NSA or the CIA or handed over to the 12:05 government or perhaps all third-party 12:08 marketers who use it to try to 12:10 manipulate you 12:11 this is the surveillance empire that 12:13 Jeff Bezos has built disguised as a 12:17 retailer we all need to be reminded of 12:20 the benefits of anonymous retail 12:23 transaction when you go to a grocery 12:26 store and you pay in cash 12:28 no one knows what you bought there's no 12:30 record of it unless you're using one of 12:33 those you know food discount cards which 12:35 you shouldn't use if you if you shop at 12:38 a hardware store it's anonymous if you 12:39 shop at bestbuy anonymous if you're 12:42 paying cash and even if you're using a 12:44 credit card that credit card record 12:46 doesn't detail every little product that 12:48 you purchased in one transaction so you 12:51 have you have privacy in your 12:53 transactions and whether you're going to 12:55 the grocery store to purchase something 12:57 that you might be embarrassed by or 13:00 something that you think could be used 13:02 against you 13:03 even though you are acquiring it for an 13:05 innocent reason you know duct tape you 13:08 know you just buying duct tape you you 13:10 have to do some household repairs well a 13:12 law enforcement authority could say well 13:13 that's the same tape that's used to bind 13:15 the hands of hostages you know that 13:17 that's the kind of crap they come up 13:18 with 13:19 well maybe I don't want people to know 13:20 how much duct tape but I purchasing or 13:23 or baking soda or bleach or you know 13:26 fertilizer or anything that that an 13:28 innocent use on a farm where I live but 13:31 which some you know in saying prosecutor 13:35 could try to connect dots that aren't 13:37 there and so you must be a terrorist you 13:39 must be the next oklahoma city bomber or 13:42 oh my god you purchased ammunition you 13:45 know something wrong with you know I 13:47 live in the country we we use ammo it is 13:50 part of running a ranch operation we 13:52 have firearms nothing unusual about it 13:54 at all just the fact that they have this 13:57 information about you is a surrender of 14:00 your Liberty because history has shown 14:03 that sooner or later they will abuse it 14:06 so what's your real course of action in 14:09 all of this 14:10 stop buying from amazon.com stop 14:13 watching movies for amazon prime and 14:16 reading books for amazon kindle take 14:18 your business somewhere else and and i 14:21 would strongly recommend you buy 14:22 physical books anonymously that you can 14:25 put on the shelf and that that will 14:27 survive the next EMP attack by the way 14:29 you know digital digital book disappear 14:32 physical books don't I also strongly 14:34 advise that you stop using Facebook or 14:37 social interactions and that you stop 14:39 using credit cards for any transactions 14:42 at all because they're all creating 14:44 records of your psychology of your 14:47 interests of your behavior that will be 14:49 used against you that's what history has 14:52 shown and that's what governments do 14:53 there they're not in the business of 14:55 giving you more freedom there in the 14:57 business of restricting your freedom for 15:00 their own benefit but they can create a 15:02 more power more control more 15:04 exploitation really larger tax farms 15:08 where they basically extract well from 15:11 the working masses that you and me we 15:14 are just animals on their tax farms and 15:16 they don't want the animals to realize 15:18 what's going on 15:19 they don't want animals to be free any 15:21 more than a modern-day rancher wants his 15:23 cows to wake up and realize hey we're 15:25 all going to slaughter the farmer 15:27 doesn't doesn't try to educate cows 15:29 about why they're there 15:31 what is the grand plan and neither do 15:34 globalist like Jeff Bezos tell us 15:36 they're real plans about how they're 15:38 going to build psychological profile 15:40 databases and share those with super 15:43 secret spy agencies and violate our 15:45 fourth amendment violate our privacy and 15:47 violate our right in their quest to make 15:50 more money and remain in good standing 15:53 with an oppressive government that that 15:57 despite his privacy 15:59 the bottom line is don't trust Jeff 16:02 Bezos don't trust the Washington Post 16:04 don't trust amazon.com 16:06 don't trust any of these systems that 16:08 gather profile information on you and 16:12 your consumption patterns in your 16:13 interests and the thing is that that you 16:16 are interested in terms of movies or 16:18 books or product very dangerous there 16:22 will be a day that someone's life is 16:25 destroyed because of their interaction 16:28 with amazon.com whether it's their voice 16:32 recording on amazon echo device or 16:34 perhaps a an amazon fire TV device 16:39 snooping on them and getting information 16:42 that use against them in some kind of 16:45 malicious prosecution or perhaps a a 16:48 profile of someone who's reading habits 16:51 and and purchasing habits being used 16:53 against them in a court of law in some 16:55 other kind of malicious prosecution 16:56 there will be a day where a customer 16:59 amazon.com is declared guilty and sent 17:03 to prison because of information that 17:06 Amazon acquired from their transactions 17:09 that day is coming it may have already 17:11 happened and we're just not aware of it 17:13 yet but it if it hasn't happened 17:15 it will happen very soon and it will 17:16 happen over and over again and it will 17:19 become normalized you give up your 17:22 freedom you give up a lot you give up so 17:25 much when you allow amazon.com to open 17:30 your brain and peer into it and 17:32 essentially make a Xerox of what you're 17:36 thinking and what your desires are and 17:39 what your actions are what your 17:40 interests are is a very dangerous thing 17:42 to put in the hand of the globalist like 17:45 Jeff Bezos who has proven that he is 17:47 malicious that his newspaper in 17:49 Washington Post is a deliberate 17:50 propaganda disinformation journal 17:53 terrorism organization Bezos has already 17:56 proven that he will use his power 17:58 against you and that he will engage in 18:00 psychological warfare the four for His 18:03 purposes 18:05 not your freedoms 18:07 you've got in mind 18:08 if you'd like to help support this video 18:11 and other videos like this visit health 18:13 ranger store.com where everything we 18:16 sell is laboratory tested for heavy 18:18 metals and more you'll find superfoods 18:21 storable survival food nutritional 18:23 supplements and a full line of synthetic 18:25 chemical free body soaps shampoos and 18:29 oral care products everything we sell is 18:32 non-gmo and it's all completely free of 18:34 chemical sweeteners artificial colors 18:36 hydrogenated oils and other toxic 18:39 ingredients that you want to avoid find 18:41 all this and much more at Health Ranger 18:43 store.com

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