Upcoming Stock MARKET CRASH! Economic Collapse Of America 2017

Our press does not tell us the truth about anything. The central bankers want war with Russia. I assure you the American people do not want war. Our gov is provoking Russia by surrounding them with tanks, soldiers, weapons, etc. right on their border.

Transcript : amazing the creative destruction we're 0:09 seeing as they begin to remove this 0:11 treacherous bureaucracy that is now 0:13 fighting for its life 0:15 the problem is it wanted to bring down 0:17 what was left of America security 0:19 dominance it had to be defeated and the 0:23 eleventh hour it began to happen 0:25 the problem is they're planning on 0:26 plunging the world economy ron paul's 0:29 mr. dent they all agree that were in 0:31 serious trouble 0:32 they are trying to now cut the qe3 to 0:35 stall Trump's recovery 0:38 they just gave him six months a year 0:39 longer and be assured that they're 0:41 stalling it right underneath his feet 0:43 that's why he is accelerating as fast as 0:46 he can so what do you make of two 0:48 trillion out of the stock market 0:51 [Music] 0:53 I think we I was thinking it was going 0:55 to meet a late last year until truck 0:59 came along he beat the polls and one and 1:02 then BB markets who said he would be bad 1:05 for the markets that are good the 1:07 markets going straight up ever since 1:08 this to me is that final orgasmic rally 1:12 and in the third stock bubble and we've 1:14 got three stock bubble in a row this has 1:16 never happened in history because it's 1:18 so much stimulus from the government 1:19 every time of all the first instead of 1:22 restructuring the debt get real and 1:23 cutting costs and doing the type of 1:25 things normal businesses and even 1:26 governments the past due 1:27 they just throw money in the economy and 1:30 create more bubbles bunch of money come 1:31 from economy is going to go chase real 1:33 estate and stocks again and now we have 1:35 a bigger stock bubble by far than ever 1:37 larger real estate bubbles in many 1:40 cities and an extreme around the world 1:42 especially in places like China London 1:45 australia and these bubbles are gonna 1:47 burst that's all bubbles do in a burst 1:49 twice as five when they crash half the 1:53 crash will come in the first three 1:54 months when the smart money finally 1:56 realizes bubbles over because they're 1:58 playing a leveraged a get out really 2:00 quick 2:02 [Music] 2:04 I think policies that we have design 2:07 about you know incremental over the last 2:09 hundred years I have worked us into this 2:12 position because it's a failed system 2:13 just as nice is a lecture many many 2:18 years before communism failed he 2:20 explained why socialism always fails and 2:23 communism would fail and we didn't have 2:25 to have a fight in a water without so 2:27 but the same rules apply to Keynesianism 2:31 interventionism Federal Reserve 2:33 inflation is and militarism it fails all 2:37 empires ii and then where the Empire and 2:40 it's going to end is going to be for 2:41 economic reasons not because the 2:43 Russians are coming it's not going to be 2:45 because the Chinese are coming in the 2:47 Iranians are going to get us and they're 2:49 we're going to fail because we're 2:51 working with a failed system especially 2:53 in this century in the last 17 years 2:55 it's been a disaster and trunk was able 2:58 to recognize this and go to the people 3:00 who have suffered the most but this is a 3:02 monetary problem this is a spending 3:04 problem this is a foreign power problem 3:07 and that is what's going to bring us 3:09 down is going to be financial assure you 3:12 about a year-and-a-half ago I was a 3:13 question from was talking to him off air 3:15 and on here he said let me just give you 3:18 a newsflash Trump knew all about this 3:21 when he was a young man before you were 3:24 born and I pressed him and others and I 3:28 did some research of what i was told to 3:29 talk to people they said listen Trump 3:31 has been waiting his entire life for 3:34 this Trump is basically beyond John 3:40 Bircher Trump knew about all this 3:43 what he was a little kid and then later 3:48 in life was heavily immersed in new york 3:51 city and has been sitting there watching 3:54 all these people the whole time getting 3:56 ready 3:56 you don't just think the enemy has 3:58 sleeper cells to you 4:01 I love it it's crazy and there's a good 4:06 part 2 minute he turned sideways honest 4:08 we know you got compromised but it's not 4:09 gonna happen 4:10 he's so pigheaded it's beautiful he's 4:12 ready for him to kill him he doesn't 4:13 care he doesn't care he told The Secret 4:16 Service I don't care what you say I'm 4:17 getting out walking down pencil that you 4:19 haven't you seen mark tugging and I can 4:21 get back in 4:22 he doesn't care he wins they kill him he 4:26 wins if they don't the only way he loses 4:28 if he doesn't deliver and i said i will 4:32 believe it drop if he delivers our dies 4:33 trying and you know what he is going to 4:36 do it or die trying 4:38 and you know what I'm not gonna get into 4:40 the conversation that would promise to 4:42 stop right there because it becomes a 4:43 diversion but let me just tell you you 4:46 wouldn't have these discussions with 4:47 people you were a hundred percent real 4:50 [Music] 4:54 and as we don't like national debt at 19 4:58 trillion 965 billion so 20 trillion 5:01 around the corner we just took twenty 5:03 thousand yesterday and the dow jones or 5:05 whatever day before dow jones industrial 5:08 average so my question to you is simple 5:11 okay is there any way that any president 5:14 is going to avoid a debt bomb know that 5:19 the debt bomb is going to explode but 5:21 what we've been doing with the debt bond 5:23 to defuse it is the Federal Reserve is 5:25 kept interest rates practically a zero 5:27 so at least we can afford to service the 5:30 debt repaying it is completely 5:32 impossible but at least we can service 5:34 it when interest rates are at rock 5:36 bottom but that's already changing 5:38 interest rates are going up inflation is 5:40 going up and so creditors are going to 5:42 demand a higher premium to hold our 5:44 paper and we are headed off the edge of 5:46 a cliff and I think that the Fed is 5:49 going to try to inflate its way out of 5:52 this problem but it's going to inflate 5:53 its way into a bigger one 5:54 all right now let's take things one step 5:57 at a time okay 5:59 there was a time where infrastructure 6:00 under previous administrations was a 6:03 tough one 6:04 okay so have the republicans are they 6:07 going to give the new president an issue 6:10 is there a difference between 6:11 infrastructure spending with this 6:14 administration versus others or is it 6:16 all pretty much the same in your mind 6:18 but it's the same and plus 6:21 infrastructure spending is not going to 6:23 help the economy you don't help the 6:24 economy by spending money to the extent 6:27 that we need to repair our 6:28 infrastructure that's awesome we have a 6:30 parent 6:31 listen I agree with you on a lot of 6:32 things Peter but i just put a roof on my 6:34 house okay and I don't look at that is 6:37 you know unnecessary infrastructure 6:39 spending it was leaking we have a lot of 6:41 quote-unquote right here oops out there 6:43 but it is so really it's not stimulus 6:47 it's more like green pears now I'm not 6:49 saying that but get the money is going 6:51 to be easy but sometimes there is a 6:52 difference 6:53 yeah but it would have been better if 6:55 your roof didn't leak and you didn't 6:57 have to repair it is you could use the 6:59 money for something else 7:00 so the fact that we have infrastructure 7:02 that is in need of repair is a negative 7:05 it is a burden it's a sacrifice that we 7:07 have to 7:08 spend money building up our 7:09 infrastructure the fact that it creates 7:11 jobs that's not a good thing because 7:13 we're diverting resources that we might 7:15 otherwise have been able to use more 7:16 productively to make necessary repairs 7:19 story infrastructure but the other 7:21 problem is we're broke we can't afford 7:23 to repair our infrastructure that is the 7:25 problem and if we're going to divert 7:27 resources to rip the building our 7:29 infrastructure what are we not going to 7:31 do right what are Americans going to 7:33 stop spending money on so we can free up 7:35 the resources to make these repairs 7:37 well sometimes Peter don't you have to 7:40 step out of the box a little bit though 7:42 i'll give you an ocean we have trillions 7:44 of dollars overseas that this president 7:46 said he's going to allow businesses to 7:48 repatriate you ever hear Build America 7:50 Bonds so why doesn't he say listen you 7:52 can repatriate it but in order to do 7:55 that you have to play this little game 7:57 of bond covenants you have to 7:59 participate in a building America Bonds 8:02 scenario where the covenants give you 8:04 bit less interest rates and for that you 8:06 will be allowed to bring this money back 8:08 at a very low or maybe negligible tax 8:12 rate your final common can we get 8:14 creative is there no answer here 8:17 well I hate to make rope not micromanage 8:20 it and of course you know they don't 8:21 have to bring the money back they can 8:23 leave where it is and pay no taxes on it 8:25 and so if we try to be you know too 8:27 funny about all these requirements they 8:29 don't have to bring the money back at 8:30 all right because they got a zero tax 8:32 rate where they are right now but the 8:35 bottom line is you talked about at the 8:36 beginning all of this debt 8:38 everybody is ignoring this people are 8:40 talking about we're going to get all 8:41 this fiscal stimulus the reason we 8:43 haven't had it before is because we're 8:45 broke and we've been relying on this 8:47 phony monetary stimulus but if we 8:49 actually try to increase already 8:51 enormous annual budget deficits with tax 8:53 cuts and more spending that 8:55 unfortunately the Federal Reserve is 8:56 going to go back to the well we're going 8:58 to do more quantitative easing and we're 9:00 going to end up destroying the value of 9:02 our currency and right now sure the 9:04 dollars that are 14 15-year high but 9:06 it's a long way together Peter I'm gonna 9:08 have to stop here but i am going to 9:09 bring it back in here to see if all 9:11 these clouds are still there thank you 9:13 for taking the time and 9:17 [Music] 9:19 I believe you weren't really keen on a 9:21 crash either so what say you now in 2017 9:24 fits and never both say something bad is 9:27 coming our way in 17 what do you say yes 9:30 so I mean as you said I in 16 I i peg 9:34 the non crash and the extension alright 9:36 some dudes do and and that was because 9:39 and we saw that we saw extra 9:41 manifestations I called artisanal money 9:44 creation relative to my book and just 9:46 the artisanal money people being the 9:48 central bankers finding just new ways to 9:52 extend their money creation policies and 9:56 that's what kept the markets up there 9:58 was a separate bit on the markets that 10:01 kept them up after trunk was elected on 10:03 the expectations that he would be good 10:07 for growth that he would create 10:09 infrastructure that he would create jobs 10:10 and again the jury still needs to be out 10:12 on that and how it relates to Congress 10:13 will discuss the beginning of this but i 10:15 do think there is some there's a little 10:19 juice left in the central bank's I mean 10:20 I i keep thinking that that there 10:23 shouldn't be i thought this for years 10:24 but they they keep surprising all of us 10:28 I think with their ability to to boost 10:30 the markets to artificially basically 10:32 stimulate so many different asset 10:35 bubbles whether that's in debt which is 10:36 which is you know epic war in all the 10:39 stock market some many of which are at 10:41 their historic ties so there's room to 10:43 go down but there's also a little bit of 10:45 room for the for the central bank's to 10:47 continue to manipulate it and I think 10:49 with 2017 that's going to be the story 10:52 if we have a crash in 2017 again it's 10:56 going to be in that second half of the 10:57 year after these promises the rate hikes 11:00 dollar being high just just collapse 11:02 into the realities of instability and 11:04 assistance artificial pneus and the 11:06 central banks don't have much room to go 11:09 that what that is going to hinge not 11:12 just what happens globally but 11:13 particularly what happens in Europe the 11:15 ECB has now extended its and it was that 11:17 it was the catalyst I thought would 11:19 create more of stability and less of a 11:22 crash last year it has now increased its 11:24 it's a purchase program through the end 11:27 of 2017 11:29 so if i look at the trend of 11:31 ECB justice as one central bank example 11:34 of a very artificial stimulator we could 11:39 see volatility to the downside not 11:42 necessarily a crash into the fall of 11:45 2017 if and that will be after the 11:48 elections happen if they really do go 11:50 and tell York with the last election in 11:52 october's is sort of a very anti current 11:54 German leadership vote that's gonna 11:58 basically create an out of steam 12:00 situation with the ECB other things 12:02 could happen with other countries like 12:03 as i mentioned Russia China and so forth 12:05 up between now and then so I think 12:09 animal a little less sure about this 12:11 crash this year I gotta say I i think if 12:13 we see a real big decline it's going to 12:16 be around that time it's gonna be 12:17 towards again the end of the year but 12:19 did not second half of the second the 12:21 last quarter 12:22 that's when I see it happening but I 12:23 really just see a sort of downward trend 12:26 into that I don't see necessarily as a 12:28 crash I just see a staying in a range of 12:30 the first half of the year and then as 12:34 these elections as these arrangements as 12:36 the realities what's happening vs was 12:38 promised I'm come into effect i think we 12:40 start seeing more of a decline in the 12:42 second half and depending on what 12:44 happens in Europe most particularly 12:46 charming in October we could see crash 12:49 in the final couple of months that 12:53 that's that's where i'm at right now I'm 12:54 looking at all of these factors as they 12:58 interrelate and in what potential juice 13:00 and at this point it's primarily ECB 13:03 maybe a little bit of people's bank of 13:04 china but they've sort of stepped off 13:06 the pedal of their version of 13:08 quantitative easing and I think Japan is 13:10 pretty much done so there's a little bit 13:12 of juice left the Fed could come in and 13:14 got 50 basis points of room to work with 13:16 and and introduce rates if they really 13:18 needed to there's just a little bit of 13:20 juice there so i take it is looking 13:22 again towards the end of the year for 13:23 those factors 13:25 [Music] 13:28 the epicenter of this next great world 13:31 shift will be right here in America now 13:35 I must warn you that some of the facts 13:38 i'm about to tell you may seem 13:40 incredible yet their true in fact we've 13:44 recently passed what i believe to be the 13:48 point of no return 13:49 [Music] 13:50 which means that a crisis is now 13:52 inevitable and unstoppable it will start 13:57 small 13:58 maybe you'll try to get money out of an 14:00 ATM machine one day and find that it 14:03 isn't working maybe you'll be at a 14:05 restaurant with your wife and when the 14:08 check comes your credit card will be 14:10 denied you call your bank you get a 14:14 pre-recorded message from some 14:16 government agency you don't recognize as 14:19 i said it will start small and now I 14:24 believe we're past the point of no 14:26 return when this house of cards 14:30 collapses which it will of systemic 14:33 shock will disrupt our lives in ways you 14:37 never thought possible 14:39 you will suddenly be locked out of your 14:41 own bank account unable to withdraw cash 14:44 or deposit a check your stocks will 14:48 swing wildly out-of-control you won't 14:51 even be able to access your Social 14:53 Security money like a virus it will 14:56 spread to our food supply chain causing 14:59 massive shortages in the cities and 15:02 suburbs the same thing will happen to 15:05 our gas network America's highways will 15:08 become quiet and empty and one by one 15:12 every service you've come to depend on 15:15 from your bank to your grocery store to 15:18 our federal government will shut down 15:21 you won't be able to get cash and 15:24 without cash you won't be able to buy 15:26 food or gasoline and what happens to 15:29 America then as a society we are now 15:34 more than ever dependent on convenience 15:36 on free government services instead of 15:40 our own 15:40 hard work on credit instead of our own 15:44 hard-earned cash what happens when 15:47 people can't use their credit cards when 15:50 they can't drive to get their checks 15:53 because there's no gas when the only 15:55 thing you can count on is cash and no 15:59 one seems to have any of it will you be 16:04 able to rely on your neighbors your 16:06 fellow citizens but lately I'm not so 16:09 sure 16:10 now I realize that to someone who hasn't 16:14 been studying this for 35 years the idea 16:17 of a serious crisis like that hitting 16:21 America may not seem possible 16:24 after what I'm about to tell you I think 16:27 you'll reconsider quote literally your 16:32 ATM wouldn't work you type in your code 16:36 no money comes out you get your paycheck 16:38 you can't cash it close quote 16:41 those are the words of the architect of 16:45 the 2008 bank bailouts Treasury 16:49 Department insider neel kashkari 16:53 what he's describing is a crisis that 16:55 you and I came very close to 16:58 experiencing just a few years ago if it 17:01 sounds similar to what I'm describing 17:03 it's for a good reason 17:05 former secretary of the Treasury Tim 17:08 Geithner has stated we Came 17:10 exceptionally close you could hear the 17:15 fear and the panic because anybody 17:19 living in that world at that time 17:21 running a business at that time knew 17:23 that we were on the edge of losing the 17:26 capacity to function 17:28 this has been confirmed by former 17:30 secretary of the Treasury hank paulson 17:33 as well as two former congressman and 17:37 while President Obama assured Americans 17:40 that quote the shadow of the crisis has 17:43 passed in his State of the Union address 17:46 I recently came across video footage of 17:50 janet yellen the current chairwoman of 17:52 the Federal Reserve openly admitting 17:54 that the u.s. is still facing a very 17:58 real threat we could find ourselves in a 18:03 devastating spiral says janet yellen she 18:07 goes on to assure everyone that the 18:09 Federal Reserve is fully in control of 18:11 the situation but the truth is that by 18:14 their own standards the feds policies 18:18 have not worked in fact official records 18:21 indicate that the highest levels of our 18:24 government have already spent 4.5 18:27 trillion trying to contain this threat 18:30 more than we spent on World War two 18:33 it's a desperate move and I don't think 18:37 they'll be successful at

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