The CIA Tool George Soros not Well & Joe Biden Warns the World about the Collapse at Davos

The World is Changing dramatically, CIA tool George Soros is not well and will be sacrificed by the International Central Bankers of Fake Money. Joe Biden just gave the Warning at Davos yesterday, telling the Truth. .

case rested too long to change / photo 0:09 that they have to adopt hard landing is 0:13 practically horrible 0:15 are you surprised have some good news 0:18 for you today 0:19 no it has nothing to do with Hillary we 0:21 all know she's gone she's done she's 0:24 kaput the good news i'm going to share 0:26 with you today has to do with george 0:28 soros he's not well 0:31 his mind is god there's many names for 0:35 it 0:36 old-timers Alzheimer's see now frankly 0:42 put George Soros is losing his mind 0:46 we'll get to that later but what I must 0:50 tell you is this no matter what happens 0:52 in the future if the thanks go down 0:55 tomorrow that game goes on that people 0:59 in the club 1:00 never give up they always stay in 1:03 control as long as they control the 1:06 central bank they can control everybody 1:09 and that includes george soros that 1:12 includes Hillary but when they're done 1:14 with you that done with you 1:16 the point I'm trying to make here is 1:18 there is a small club they control the 1:21 central bank's they control the money 1:24 and they also control george soros 1:27 George Charles within the club but he 1:30 wasn't as a talk he was not at the top 1:34 he was a tool the CIA used in the 1:37 intelligence community's you can any 1:40 government that got the okay from the 1:44 club could use George Soros and his 1:46 money and sorrows was all too happy to 1:50 help 1:51 he was part of the system but I'm 1:55 telling you that George is now being 1:57 sacrifice Hillary's dawn she's over she 2:00 dun forget about Hillary but your 2:02 sorrows in his money 2:04 well that's a whole different ballgame 2:07 George is going to be retired sacrifice 2:10 lots of things will be blamed on your 2:13 Toros I'm telling you this today because 2:15 you're going to hear lots of things 2:18 you've even heard me talk about it sort 2:21 of this sort of that is because George 2:25 Soros is sicky being sacrifice 2:28 make no mistake about it the club is 2:30 still in charge and they will always be 2:33 in charge as long as they control the 2:35 central bank there are other people who 2:38 are being sacrificed also Hillary and 2:41 Obama's friends over in Europe they're 2:44 all being sacrificed the story I'm going 2:47 to tell you today is something that you 2:49 may not be aware of because there's one 2:52 man in the game that is not going to be 2:55 sacrified there's one man in the game 2:58 who I think of as the locust tree he has 3:03 flexible he actually sat around and 3:08 watch great years this man that I'm 3:11 going to be talking about later on the 3:12 video he SAT around for eight years and 3:15 he was in the catbird seat and he 3:17 watched Obama literally destroy our 3:20 country and he just SAT here patiently 3:22 he kept his mouth shut for the most part 3:25 but he is not being sacrificed he is not 3:30 being eliminated 3:31 he has been groomed for the next role in 3:35 his life that role will be senior 3:38 leadership in the club much like Henry 3:42 Kissinger today but again just like 3:44 george soros being retired Henry 3:47 Kissinger is on his last legs also so 3:51 they need the next round of leadership 3:55 Joseph Biden will fill that role 3:59 Joe Biden is your typical American he's 4:02 pragmatic he opens his mouth 4:05 occasionally and inserts his foot that's 4:08 what Americans to but don't 4:10 underestimate him because he is the 4:14 locus branch of flexibility that is 4:18 ingrained into his soul he has watched 4:21 his loved ones fall in his photo 4:24 yin-yang world 4:25 that we live in he has seen pain but yet 4:28 he has persevered 4:31 that's why they chose him for the senior 4:34 leadership because the pressure in his 4:37 life was applied down upon him but he 4:41 did not snap he bent just like the 4:44 locust tree it did not snap it bent 4:48 that's why i call him the locus branch 4:52 of flexibility you may not know this if 4:55 you do not come from the coal country 4:56 you will not know that down in the coal 4:59 mines they do not use the strong oak 5:03 tree pillars to keep the ceiling up now 5:08 they don't use oak wood down in the 5:10 mines they use the locust tree as 5:13 pillars and the locust tree holds up the 5:16 ceiling of the mines under tons and tons 5:20 of the weight of the earth above and the 5:23 reason why they use the locust tree 5:25 because it been 5:27 when the pressure is applied it does not 5:29 snap it bends and that's why they have 5:32 picked Joseph Biden for his next role 5:35 and with a vision that we built in 5:38 sustained from above international order 5:40 the impulses hunker down shut the gates 5:44 build walls extra that this moment you 5:47 will enter that over and over as we 5:50 analyzed joseph biden today the liberal 5:53 international order you're looking at 5:56 their shells the tools these politicians 6:01 and nothing more than chilled and tools 6:03 they are being eliminated their being 6:05 sacrificed will be a new breed that will 6:08 emerge Joseph Biden will be in the 6:11 senior leadership of picking this new 6:15 breed of politician that will emerge 6:19 this is very important because they 6:21 understand that the world is changing 6:24 but what is the most important part to 6:27 take away from this message today that 6:30 Joseph Biden will not break he will not 6:33 snap he will Bend 6:35 at the SAT there in the catbird seat any 6:38 watched Oh Obama destroy the country he 6:43 SAT there with a smile on his face and 6:45 he just watched it and kept his mouth 6:47 shut for the most part i'm telling you 6:49 because he does his job he flexible like 6:54 the locust tree he bends with the wind 6:57 he's the perfect man for the job do not 7:00 underestimate him as we go forward we're 7:03 going to analyze his words he's going to 7:06 give us some insight into how they feel 7:09 today how the club is going to go 7:12 forward remember the club is not going 7:14 to give up as long as they control the 7:16 central bank's they're in charge but 7:18 they are going to bend they are going to 7:21 change their going to change with the 7:23 wind 7:24 they're going to steal some of our ideas 7:26 some of the things you heard me talk 7:28 about the past they will steal these 7:31 ideas will do anything to stay in power 7:33 they don't care about the ideology as 7:37 long as 80 the money and as long as they 7:40 stay in power 7:42 Joseph Biden will help us understand 7:44 them today but this year in those days 7:49 early days of 2017 very palpable 7:53 uncertainty about the state of the world 7:55 all they may be dumb but they're not 8:00 stupid they know there's a change in the 8:03 wind and they're ready to bend they 8:06 realize that we are the resistance they 8:09 realize that you and I no longer want to 8:13 play their game that's why everybody 8:15 voted for Donald Trump but they're not 8:17 giving up yet 8:19 as long as they control the money 8:20 they're still in the game 8:22 what we reinforce the ties that bind us 8:25 or whether we unravel under the current 8:31 treasurer those current pressures he 8:35 talked about are you and I everyone of 8:39 us all 95 million of us Americans who 8:43 are out of the workforce 8:45 do your research there are 95 million 8:49 Americans no longer in the workforce 8:52 joseph biden knows this all too well he 8:56 says are we going to unravel or are we 8:59 going to be strong like Joseph Biden and 9:02 bend in the wind like a locust tree 9:05 instead of starting the world and the 9:09 winners and losers are careful when I 9:13 mean careful attention to go and sustain 9:16 the liberal international order the club 9:20 is going to pick joseph biden they're 9:23 going to put him in a position of 9:25 leadership he will have that role he 9:28 does not know everything 9:30 joseph biden is going to be told things 9:35 that may scare the living hell out of 9:38 him because there will be winners and 9:40 there will be losers going forward 9:43 that's the thing that's going to scare 9:45 74 year-old joseph biden because he's 9:48 right in the past when we gave Europe 9:51 billions and billions of dollars and we 9:54 rebuilt Europe and we built rebuilt 9:57 Japan we gave them our money and we 10:00 wanted them to be our friends we picked 10:04 the winners and losers going forward 10:06 winners and losers will be picked more 10:09 on their intelligence level their 10:12 strength how they play the game 10:16 Putin and China will be at the top of 10:19 this game because they have the money 10:22 they have the intelligence and they are 10:24 the chess masters Joseph Biden will be 10:28 filled in on this as we go as we go 10:32 along Joseph Biden will be told the 10:34 rules of the game but yes there are 10:37 going to be winners and losers picked in 10:40 the future and again you hear him talk 10:42 about the liberal international order 10:45 because there has been one but now it's 10:49 going to be changed to something 10:51 different it's going to be an 10:53 international order of winners and 10:56 losers joseph biden is giving us a 10:59 little hint of that fact the retiarius 11:04 become very evident that the consensus 11:06 of holding this system is beginning to 11:09 face incredible and increasing pressures 11:11 from both within our countries and 11:14 without again 11:17 joseph biden speaks the truth we are 11:21 experiencing extreme pressures from 11:24 within and without from within you and I 11:28 all the pressure from what in you and I 11:31 are the resistance and we also look up 11:34 to strong man like Putin and we think 11:37 obama is weak 11:39 this is a problem for them Carol we 11:42 ignore the message to legitimate shares 11:44 in exactly the existing communities all 11:46 across the developed world the concerns 11:49 of mothers and fathers who how they feel 11:52 about losing at factory job has always 11:54 allowed them to provide for her family 11:55 and expectation that their children 11:58 would even have a better life 12:00 Paris you don't believe they can give 12:04 their children a better life than they 12:05 add my dad used to have an expression 12:10 should show you the job is about a lot 12:11 more the paycheck 12:13 it's about your dignity again he is 12:17 correct at your own peril 12:20 beware when there are 95 million 12:23 Americans out of work 12:25 beware because the pressures are 12:27 building what you will see them do is 12:31 they will print more and more fake money 12:33 and they will try to make fake jobs when 12:37 that fails then you will see something 12:42 more elaborate there may even be three 12:46 money given out that you will not even 12:49 have to work 12:50 they're discussing that right now that 12:52 everybody gets a living wage 12:55 no more welfare no more pensions they 12:57 could give you the money they give you 12:58 twenty thousand dollars do as you please 13:00 you don't need a job that's what's 13:02 coming down the road if we're going to 13:04 have robots doing our job 13:06 lots of things in the work but they do 13:10 know that if they do not give the people 13:14 money that there will be chaos lot of 13:18 people felt that way decade ago are so 13:20 sure these are pressures that are 13:25 underlying support for liberal 13:26 international orders from inside 13:28 globalization has not been always good i 13:31 am a free-trader I'm a strong supporter 13:33 of globalization but it has people the 13:38 rift between those ratios headed to top 13:41 and those struggling to hang on in the 13:44 middle of falling to the bottom again 13:49 you hereby didn't talk that the system 13:53 is falling apart you hear it in safe 13:56 pressures that are undermining the 13:58 liberal international order he says it 14:01 over and over and over the liberal 14:04 international order they are losing 14:06 control unless they're able to get that 14:09 money into your hand unless they are 14:12 able to get that money into my hands 14:14 they're going to lose everything then 14:16 realized it they're not going to lose 14:19 everything because they control the 14:21 central bank's all they're going to do 14:23 is give Donald Trump as much money as he 14:26 wants to make those steak jobs put all 14:29 those angry people like you and me put 14:32 them in a job and everybody will be 14:34 happy but it will all be created with 14:36 fake money from the central bank at some 14:40 point in the game it's all going to come 14:42 collapsing down but yes the game goes on 14:46 like I said they're not going to give up 14:48 yet 14:49 one year ago I spoke here at dollars 14:52 about the challenges we face mastering 14:54 the fourth Industrial Revolution what he 14:58 means is the fourth turning a some time 15:02 speaking code 15:03 yes he's talking about the fourth 15:06 turning remember that when your 15:09 great-grandfather left and your 15:11 grandfather left then they died they 15:13 took all that wisdom with them that's 15:17 how you have the 15:18 turning the first turning the second 15:20 turning the third turning and we are now 15:22 into the fourth turning where it all 15:25 changes they know that now they speak 15:28 speaking code words that's what it's all 15:32 about how are they going to prepare for 15:35 this big change that obvious is all 15:38 around us being while many 15:41 communications developed world the long 15:44 depended on manufacturing captions true 15:47 they're older standard it is declining 15:50 they feel shut out of opportunities for 15:52 economic security field jeopardize and 15:55 taken together these forces are 15:56 effectively hollowing out little class 15:59 the traditional engine of economic 16:01 growth and I might add of social 16:04 stability in western nations are you 16:11 starting to hear a pattern here with 16:12 Joseph vited being well in the developed 16:15 world things are falling apart social 16:18 order is collapsing we must use our 16:21 tools people like george soros we must 16:24 use their tools are billions of dollars 16:27 we must get control over the masses 16:29 things are falling apart the little 16:31 international order is at risk 16:34 what shall we do 16:37 there is a problem yet they know it so 16:40 have been hateful individuals from 16:43 megaphone to spread their period 16:46 extremist ideologies thank you shaving 16:50 down govern stations and the energy and 16:54 as long as they're hateful people out 16:56 there like raw VAR new la the internet 17:00 is not a safe place in this case using 17:04 Islamophobic I should make Jennifer with 17:07 greater Mr Shearer so giving advance 17:10 their own agenda 17:12 it just gets better and better doesn't 17:14 it yes here by Dan takes up a page out 17:18 of the Hillary Clinton playbook and 17:21 basically called us deplorable didn't 17:24 actually use the word but that's what he 17:26 meant were deplorable with a vision that 17:28 we built in 17:29 sustained from the boat international 17:31 order the info Concordat shut the gates 17:35 build walls extra that this moment is 17:40 precisely their own answers yes this 17:44 many of them that want to hold her down 17:46 many of them to want to head for the 17:47 hills and hide but the club the club 17:51 that control the central bank they're 17:53 not going to hide 17:55 they're just going to spread the money 17:56 out and try to get you and I back on 17:59 their side that's their game plan they 18:02 have to convince you and I to get back 18:04 in the game 18:05 good luck with that least we're trying 18:08 to ram was clearly prefer a world in 18:10 which days persuade they have 18:12 overwhelming joy in their regions not 18:17 mince words this movement is 18:21 structurally led by Russia the treasurer 18:25 of student what he's trying to say is 18:29 this that Turkey is now joining the 18:33 Chinese rushing Persian Alliance and now 18:38 the balance of power is changing forever 18:41 as we waste the trillions and trillions 18:43 of dollars without some of our ass out 18:46 and some desert fighting Zionist wars 18:49 for our master the world has changed all 18:53 around us and now we have to bend we 18:56 have to change or take for granted that 18:59 the successful continue without and also 19:03 a lot of really hard work investment 19:06 it's only by championing the liberal 19:09 tradition order i continue to invest in 19:12 our security reasons reaffirming our 19:15 shared value expanding the cause of 19:17 Liberty around the world that we are 19:19 going to retain our position of 19:21 leadership because if we don't fight for 19:24 our values 19:25 no one else will the idea of Europol 19:28 entrain and peace and my pain 19:30 constitutes the most audacious 19:32 consequential visions of the past 19:34 century 19:35 I'm afraid it's now time to end this 19:39 story Joseph Biden did not let me down 19:42 even in the end when a non attacker came 19:47 into the system and shut the power down 19:49 Joseph Biden kept on going he just bent 19:54 like that flexible locust tree Joseph 19:57 Biden is not to be underestimated 19:59 because even as the power went down even 20:03 as a hacker took the power away 20:05 Joseph Biden kept on talking this is why 20:08 we call him mr. flexible like a locus 20:14 branch he will be there in a leadership 20:20 role for the club the club that controls 20:23 all the money in the central bank's 20:26 international banks across the world not 20:31 just America international banks across 20:33 the world

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