New Elite Whistleblower Exposes Global Warming Hoax

Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science

Awarded climate medal by Obama—now he finds enormous fraud and exposes it

Transcript : brand new elite whistleblower smashes 0:02 global warming science awarded climate 0:05 metal by obama now he finds enormous 0:08 fraud and exposes it 0:10 memo to president Trump and Steve benen 0:13 here it is said the table put the 0:16 napkins in your lap and feast on this 0:18 revelation by jon rappoport februari six 0:22 2017 a highly respected medal-winning 0:27 climate scientists just wound up in 0:29 through a giant monkey wrench into 0:31 global warming science his name John 0:35 Bates his target a recent fraudulent 0:39 study that claimed the uncomfortable 0:41 pause and warming was really no pause at 0:43 all that study pretending warming and 0:46 never stopped was time to help 0:48 negotiating nations at the climate 0:50 summit in Paris it was time to help them 0:53 an actor Akoni on economic measures to 0:55 reduce warming but Bates reveals that 0:59 study was cooked on several counts 1:02 it was such a mess no self-respecting 1:04 scientist would sign onto it 1:06 however scientists did sign onto it and 1:10 a prestigious journal science published 1:13 it apparently the brains at science were 1:16 on vacation or they were determined to 1:19 play ball under system globalist plan to 1:21 drastically reduce co2 producing energy 1:24 production and nations across the globe 1:26 thus escalating poverty in order to save 1:30 it all from frying here our choice 1:32 quotes from David rose exclusive daily 1:34 mail article that exposes the 1:36 far-reaching deception the mail on 1:39 Sunday today reveals astonishing 1:41 evidence that the organization that is 1:42 the world's leading source of climate 1:44 data rush to publish a landmark paper 1:47 that exaggerated global warming and 1:49 which times to influence the historic 1:51 Paris agreement on climate change a 1:54 high-level whistleblower has told this 1:56 newspaper that America's national 1:58 oceanic and atmospheric administration 2:00 no breached its own rules on scientific 2:03 integrity when it published a 2:05 sensational but flawed fraudulent report 2:08 aimed at making the maximum possible 2:10 impact on world leaders including Barack 2:13 Obama and David Cameron at the UN 2:16 climate conference in paris in 2015 the 2:19 fraudulent report claims that the pause 2:22 or slowdown in global warming in the 2:24 period since 1998 revealed by UN 2:28 scientists in 2013 never existed and 2:32 that world temperatures have been rising 2:33 faster than scientists 2:35 expected launched by Noah with a 2:37 public-relations fanfare it was splashed 2:40 across the world's media and cited 2:43 repeatedly by politicians and 2:45 policymakers but the whistleblower dr. 2:48 John Bates a top NOAA scientists with an 2:51 impeccable reputation has shown the mail 2:54 on sunday irrefutable evidence that the 2:56 paper was based on misleading 2:58 unverified data it was never subjected 3:01 to know as rigorous internal evaluation 3:03 process which dr. Bates devised his 3:07 vehement objections to the publication 3:09 of the faulty date were overridden by 3:12 his Noah superiors in what he describes 3:14 as a blatant attempt to intensify the 3:16 impact of what became known as the 3:18 fraudulent possible sister paper his 3:22 disclosures are likely to stiffen 3:24 president Trump's determination to enact 3:26 his pledges to reverse his predecessors 3:28 green policies into withdrawal from the 3:31 Paris deal so triggering an intense 3:33 political row in an exclusive interview 3:35 dr. Bates accused the author of the 3:38 paper 3:39 thomas carlyle who was until last year 3:42 director of the notes section that 3:43 produces climate data the national 3:46 centers for environmental information 3:48 inside of insisting on decisions and 3:51 scientific choices that maximize warming 3:53 and minimize documentation dot in an 3:55 effort to discredit the notion of a 3:57 global warming pause rushed so that he 4:00 could time publication to influence 4:02 national and international deliberations 4:04 on climate policy both datasets used in 4:08 fraudulent study or flawed this 4:11 newspaper has learned that Noah has now 4:13 decided that the sea data set will have 4:15 to be replaced and substantially revised 4:17 just 18 months after it was issued 4:20 because it used unreliable methods which 4:22 overstated the speed of warming the 4:25 revised data will show both lower 4:27 temperatures and a slower rate and the 4:29 recent warming trend the land 4:31 temperature data set used by the study 4:33 was afflicted by devastating bugs and 4:35 its software that rendered its findings 4:37 unstable the paper fraudulent study 4:40 relied on a preliminary alpha version of 4:44 the data which was never approved or 4:46 verified 4:47 none of the data on which the paper was 4:49 based was properly archived ash a 4:51 mandatory requirement meant to ensure 4:53 that raw data and the software used to 4:56 process it is accessible to other 4:58 scientists so they can verify no results 5:01 dr. Bates retired from no had the end of 5:04 last year after a 40-year career in 5:07 meteorology and climate science as 5:09 recently as 2014 the Obama 5:12 administration awarded him a special 5:14 gold medal for his work in setting new 5:17 supposedly binding standards to produce 5:19 and preserve climate data records yet 5:22 when it came to the paper times to 5:24 influence the Paris conference dr. Bates 5:27 said these standards were flagrantly 5:29 ignored the fraudulent paper was 5:32 published in jun 2015 by the journal 5:35 Science entitled possible artifacts of 5:38 data biases in the recent global surface 5:40 warming hiatus the document said the 5:43 widely reported warming pause or slow 5:46 down with amit but dr. Bates said this 5:49 increase in temperatures was achieved by 5:52 dubious means it's kierra was an upward 5:55 adjustment of readings from fixed and 5:57 floating buoys which are generally 5:59 reliable to bring them into line with 6:01 readings from a much more doubtful 6:03 source water taken in by ships this dr. 6:07 Bates explain has long been known to be 6:10 questionable ships are themselves 6:11 sources of heat readings will vary from 6:14 ship to ship in the depths of water 6:17 intake will vary according to how 6:18 heavily a ship is laden so affecting 6:21 temperature readings dr. Bates said they 6:24 had good data from buoys and they threw 6:27 it out and corrected it by using the bad 6:29 data from ships you never change good 6:32 data to agree with bad but that's what 6:35 they did so as to make it look as if the 6:37 sea was warmer 6:38 moreover the dot software used in 6:41 fraudulent study was afflicted by 6:44 serious bugs as they caused it to become 6:46 so unstable that every time the wrong 6:49 temperature readings were run through 6:50 the computer 6:51 it gave different results dr. Bates 6:54 revealed that the failure to archive and 6:56 make available fully document today to 6:58 not only violated know 7:00 the rules but also those set down by 7:02 science before he retired last year he 7:06 continued to raise the issue internally 7:08 then came the final bombshell dr. Bates 7:12 said I learned that the computer used to 7:14 process the software had suffered a 7:16 complete failure 7:17 the reason for the failure is unknown 7:20 but it means the fraudulent possible 7:23 sister paper can never be replicated or 7:25 verified by other scientists get it 7:28 fraud all the way along the line and a 7:31 cover-up to make an examination of the 7:33 fraud details impossible the perfect 7:36 worst-case scenario can we now at last 7:40 have a few criminal indictments even a 7:43 prosecuting attorney fresh out of Law 7:45 School wet behind the ears with zero 7:48 courtroom experience would be able to 7:51 secure a proper verdict guilty on all 7:53 counts guilty of fraud and aiding and 7:57 abetting a far-reaching scheme to reduce 7:59 energy production in America and other 8:01 nations on the premise that warming is 8:04 rising and must be stopped 8:06 ladies and gentlemen of the jury imagine 8:08 this the powers that be want to cut the 8:11 production of energy in this country 8:14 anyone can see the result of such a plan 8:16 we all become strapped we all become 8:19 poor but we're told this is necessary to 8:22 save us from the destruction of life on 8:24 Earth 8:25 we're told we have to go along with the 8:27 plan because producing energy releases 8:30 carbon dioxide which in turn keeps 8:32 raising the temperature of the planet 8:33 recently a key scientific study was 8:37 published and this study bolsters the 8:39 whole idea that global warming is on the 8:42 rise but a key expert insider will show 8:45 that this study was false and a frog in 8:47 the lie and the people who wrote these 8:49 are guilty of deceiving you and me and 8:51 everyone find these people guilty once 8:54 and for all and send them to prison 8:57 where they belong 8:58 I could try this case in court 9:01 you could try this case in court three 9:03 guys in the bar could try this case and 9:05 when are you ready mr. Drumm send out 9:09 the hounds from the department of 9:11 justice and put these layers under 9:13 arrest and let's see their trial and 9:15 open court every minute of it on camera 9:18 on television online 9:21 let's see it in new york and chicago and 9:24 los angeles in toronto in london and 9:26 paris and rome and Kabul and Iran and 9:28 Sydney in Tokyo and rio and Durban and 9:31 new can tierra del fuego at long last 9:34 put official science and it's a 9:36 neighbor's in the duck jon rappoport

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  1. Dear John Bates: If you need to escape from America, a country that jails and murders whistleblowers who expose the truth, don't go to Russia, where Putin-the-a-hole will send you right back.


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